13.2 in iOS there is a button activating the noise reduction for the new AirPods

AirPods, no matter how comfortable and technologically advanced they may be, still far from being considered qualitatively sounding headphones. Impact is a typical design of liners, which is absolutely not the strength to obstruct the passage of outside noise into the ear canal of the user. As a result, the owners of the AirPods, in addition to the music broadcast headphones, hear and everything else that is happening around them. In some situations, for example when riding the subway or places with large crowds it can become a big problem. Therefore, Apple came up with to equip the AirPods 3 noise-cancelling technology.

If 3 AirPods will be what they portray in iOS 13.2, forget about convenience

Noise reduction technology in AirPods third generation is likely to be active, allowing the user to enable or disable it by force. This is indicated by an appropriate animation, which is developed by Guilherme Rambo found in the program code of the second beta version of iOS 13.2, which was released last night. According to her, in the settings of the volume control will be an additional switch, which will be responsible for the activation or deactivation of the noise reduction.

How to enable noise reduction AirPods

Despite the fact that we can’t be 100% sure that this slider serves this purpose, Rambo has a reputation as a reliable supplier of leakage, and therefore reason not to trust him, we are not. On the other hand, it is possible that this switch, even responsible for the activation of the noise cancellation, has no relationship to the new AirPods. In the end, Apple has a number of other headphones that support this technology, which can be useful for such control.

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In General, the possible release of AirPods third generation is a topic shrouded in mystery. On the one hand, it seems absolutely incredible that Apple has rolled out the updated headphones only six months after the release of the previous generation. But on the other, this is the second potential reference to the AirPods 3, which means that in Cupertino have already had not only a prototype, but a pretty good sample that can represent in the near future. Moreover, in a similar way Apple did when they launched iPad 3 and iPad 4 a few months.

What will be the AirPods 3

As regards image likely AirPods 3 that is found in the first beta version of iOS 13.2, it looks quite strange. If you try to visualize this picture and give it volume, and something completely unimaginable as from the standpoint of appearance and ease of use. Because insert earphones such volume in his ears will be quite non-trivial. And even if possible, to stay in the ear alone, they just can’t.

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It is too early to draw any conclusions. All information about the AirPods 3, we have, to date, very blurred, and therefore simply not possible to make any clear impression of the future product, which, by the way, may not be. In any case, we should not forget about the Beats lineup, which Apple may unexpectedly update regardless of AirPods. Therefore, we suggest you do not read tea leaves and wait for new leaks, which may be more informative.

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