12 a way to change the system iOS 12 devices iPhone and iPad

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iOS 12

Apple introduced the beta version of the public system run by mobile devices iOS iOS 12, A version that will run under devices iPhone computers iPad killer, along with its work on current hardware, given that this version is still experimental, the experience of the iOS operating system 12 may carry some risks, especially if you plan to install it on Apple devices that you use every day, so that might not work all apps that you currently use with the Public Beta, has been having problems.

As you might not expect all the features offered by Apple through its system operating iOS 12 among these women, for example, the application of the tests of the Siri user to setup multiple proceedings Special Assistant to the digital audio Siri is not part of this beta version to the public, and in case you have the guts and don’t want to wait until the arrival of the official version of the operating system iOS 12, you can move on to the following link to get the trial version to the public of iOS 12 are free.

You should first make a backup of the iOS device before installing the beta version public, and in the case faced major problems, you can restore the backup andreturn to the official version of the latest operating system iOS 11, and we get through the next report to provide an overview of the version 12 of the operating system iOS iOS and new features.

Screen time

This tool is very important for many users who have children spend a lot of time on the phones, where the tool allows you to “screen time” Screen Time the application of time limits for development, so that they prevent all apps except those apps you choose, phone calls, and once you reach the limit for the application, you must obtain permission from the Device Manager to bypass the time limit, as a working tool to provide reports reveal the duration of use of the device, where, for example, working to clarify the number of times you check your phone screen, and the time spent in games and social networks and other applications, the The feature “do not disturb” Do Not Disturb updated during the sleep time to dim the screen and turn off notifications to be set waking time.

FaceTime calls collective

The Apple expand the scope of application Messaging and FaceTime, so that it supports group video calls with up to 32 people at one time, given that the iOS operating system 12 still within the pilot phase, this feature may not seem hugely beneficial, so we have to wait for people who installed the beta version of the iOS operating system 12, or MacOS Mojave, which is still also in the pilot phase, in order to experience the water.

Improved gesture multitasking iPhone X

Think iPhone X iPhone the only one who gave up on the main menu button, prompting users to learn the gestures of the new development, although some gestures, such as scrolling from the bottom of the screen to return to the Home screen was simple, as a way to switch between apps by swiping from the bottom is easy and simple, however there are some gestures uncomfortable as a way to terminate a running application, the They must first call the screen multitasking via fast scrolling and paused for a second and then pressed for a short time until the bar appears dark red in the top left corner, then you can scroll to finish the app, but with iOS 12, the Apple TV is no longer require users to stop temporarily.

Setup Double feature Face ID

Phone iPhone X as Apple’s device only allows you to take advantage of the feature of facial recognition Face ID, so that this feature allowed the people to open the phone by identifying the user’s face without the need to use the fingerprint reader, but through iOS 12, Apple added a new feature called the name of the “umbrella alternative”, which seems to allow you to share your device with other people who are important for you, so you can use the facial recognition feature by two people, allowing them to access Phone iPhone X.

Improve the privacy of Safari

Run the issues of privacy and security looms large in the thinking of Apple, it is not always easy to know how companies deal with those issues, which is what prompted Apple to take a number of actions related to this matter within the iOS 12, so that it became the Safari browser gives by default to track The user without their explicit permission when used are impressive and to participate and comment in social media or one comment in different sites.

Use AirPods as an assistant for the sky

Added Apple’s new feature in iOS 12 related with AirPods wireless dubbed the “listen live” Live Listen, where this feature is useful to a lot of people who are facing problem in hearing someone else in a restaurant or crowded place, or for people who can’t hear the professor when you sit in the back of the lecture hall, knowing that this feature wasn’t previously available only with compatible devices made by other companies dedicated to better hearing for people who suffer from hearing impairment, Became you can now listen to the sound of the amplifier through headphones AirPods through the use of a microphone, the iPhone microphone direction, making sure to put the phone next to the person that you want to hear to get the best results.

Contact the emergency service 911

Added Apple’s new feature in the iOS operating system 12, so that the people who contact the service number Emergency using the iPhone share their location automatically with a transponder, which may reduce the time needed to reach the victims or the owners need the urgent health to provide care and assistance needed to save their lives.

Improved voice notes

Resort many people to use voice notes via the notes application audio built-in Apple devices, which the user can sync recordings across all iOS devices, the Apple TV feature operation useful are the buttons that allow the user to move forward or rewind by 15 seconds, as the company has to provide the voice notes for the first time on computers and iPad tablets.

The application of measurement

You can use augmented reality to measure objects by drawing lines virtual in free space within the application to Measure the New, the app includes also a level that was previously in the application of the compass on copy iOS Old, this application helps in the definition of the users in the largest on the techniques of augmented reality and use them within their mobile phones.


Feature lets you time Memoji new Apple TV, which is considered as a combination of feature name Animoji famous in the iOS operating system 11 and Bitoji, the design of the image of the cartoon character of your face for use within the messaging application iMessage, calls and video FaceTime using camera face tracking TrueDepth, as it no longer serves as the company’s response to the growing number of avatars of the digital, including the Bitmoji from snapchat and en Emoji Samsung, games for like Xbox and Wii.


The Apple introduction of many useful plugins to develop stock that is included in the iOS operating system 12, including more of the interactive graphs and lines and colored for clarification and overall design which reveals better how the performance of the user’s portfolio investment.


You may not notice the user of the challenges that got in relation to the overall performance of the system operating within these women, depending on being a pilot, but is Apple provide smooth performance in general, once the official version of the operating system iOS 12 to the user devices, so that applications can be run faster than the former by 40 percent, and can operate the keyboard faster than the previous by 50 percent, and you can also run the camera faster than the former by up to 70 percent, This comes after the face of police problems in late last year following the adoption of its slowing iPhone the older which contains the batteries consumer, making the performance point in the official version of the operating system should arrive in autumn of this year articulated for users.

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