12.09.12, the first musical event of the new era Apple

A relaxed and confident tone. More than a significant news for everyone who cares about Apple. Confidence in the future. I still don’t know whether Apple can be Apple without Steve jobs, and there is DNA. More “Yes” than “no”, but…, September 12, 2012, 12.9.12. The meeting place cannot be changed: according to the tradition, music event Apple holds in September, and in 2012 to accommodate all the invitees could only Center for contemporary arts Yerba Buena in San Francisco.

The invitation to the event was couched in the best traditions of Apple:

The front side of the invitation:

“It’s almost here”, and note the shadow of the number “12” (apparently the date of the event). About what will be announced, oddly enough, invited knew, or guessed. Maybe it’s a good idea.

The industry of mobile devices of all shapes and colors quickly turned into a jungle teeming with danger. Thousands of companies have realized that it is possible to earn good money, and only for the time when Tim cook has led Apple appeared on the market thousands of mobile phones (mostly junk, but some of them were very dangerous opponents), and hundreds of tablets.

Apple was still the leader in the industry, but any misstep could cost her incredibly expensive. Any mistake – and try to move forward and not make mistakes. One of them, very serious and not left without consequences, was scheduled for September 19. “She’s almost here” – a funny joke on the front side of the invitation was the prophecy…

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Apple still loves music

Something was bound to change. And to tell the world about the fact that Apple also likes the music was not redundant.

That they are invited to Yerba Buena not in order to listen to music, relax and play music throughout the hall, the invited guess. Here was to begin the holiday season, and presentation of new products suitable for the role of gifts is not a whim but a cruel necessity.

Thousands of evil eyes closely followed the Apple, the moment was critical and important – the company had no right to fail this season.

And that’s – “musical” event. By the way, the event really was the music, oddly enough: in the last 15 minutes of the event guests Apple really listened to the music.

Video: (duration: 01:57:45)

As before. As if everything was as before.

The main theme of the event was the iPhone 5. And traditionally goes beyond the two for devices that are not compatible with any other system in the world, the new version of iOS. But this time we are talking about the event itself and about the iPod.

As suggested by Apple, demand for MP3 players became irresistibly fall, their time has gone – but still, at least on the iPod, the demand remained high. They were still very good gift – especially a new or updated model.

Traditional iPod

Traditional there are only two: Shuffle and Nano. First, only repainted.

The second radically altered. Multi-touch screen with a diagonal of 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) with an aspect ratio of 16:9, returned to Nano video, body thickness 5.4 mm and 7 eye-pleasing colors – what else you need?

And yet – FM tuner, photo viewing and many other small pleasures. Lightning connector and new headphones. Apple was fiercely criticized for abandoning the traditional connector, but sooner or later, of him still refused to be, times have changed and he was now redundant.

iPod nano (7G). In the name of right and “nano”, and a cellular network, the seventh generation is very solid, although none of these areas he had no relationship.

Great little gift – beautiful, not too cheap ($149), but not ruinous.

iPod Shuffle, which almost has not changed, was offered for $ 49.

iPod touch (5G)

In 2011, the iPod touch was not updated. Apparently, it was not before. The better for new models ID iPod5,1. Of all the varieties of iPod only iPod touch was the IDs model.

New Touch radically different from its predecessors shape and size. The same display as the iPhone 5 – with a diagonal of 4 inches (10.2 cm), IPS and built-in multi-layer and spectacular clarity, with a resolution of 1136×640 (326 ppi density). Retina.

Ultra-thin and ultra-light case (6.1 mm and 88 grams). Yes, and five different colors.

Two cameras (for the first time on an iPod touch), front FaceTime HD (720p) and rear (4G it was not). The back camera was worse than the iPhone 5, 5 Megapixels, but quite good.

The new connector.

In fifth generation iPod touch used Apple A5, 2-core and 2-core graphics. With a clock frequency of 1 GHz.

New Touch offered in three variants with 16, 32 and 64 Gigabytes of flash memory for 199, 299 and 399 dollars respectively.

To be continued

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