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Sometimes you Apple to offer free gifts to their customers, usually this gift is a Application of famous non-free and free Apple to promote its Apple Store. This time, came the gift of the Apple application to professional development is one of the applications accredited professional photographers due to the accuracy settings the power of focus and contrast in this app.

Wonderful in the application of the obscura is its interface is easy to also save images format the RAW that cares about professional photographers-so they can rely on sound professionally, and have options also to download the ISO and most of the advanced settings that needed by any photographer. The app is $ 4.99$ now in the software store but you can get them for free through the following steps:

The free apps are only for fun American and some European museums other


Download the Apple Store app from the software store.

Apple Store


Size 72.3 MB
Version 5.1
متاح في متجر البرامج



Open the app and you will see 4 tabs at the bottom, enter on the tab Discover and go down and will be advertising the app as follows:


Click on the AD the app will be a page to review you app and in the bottom option Download Now For Free and message says you will move to the App Store then clicking on Continue.


Note: code The Redeem can copy his ideas to anyone if you don’t want, you get it, this code works on any store.

As soon as you move to the store you will be asked to enter the password for your account and then you’ll see a page telling you to code The application as follows:



Click on Redeem top-right will app loaded, congratulations.

Application Apple Store only available in countries where there is Apple Store, whether physical or electronic of any available in the store of the UAE and the majority of European museums, in addition to American

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