11 test Siri special is available for download on iPhone, iPad

We reviewed in a previous article a simple explanation of develop shortcuts that arrived with update iOS system 12 for users of the iPhone, iPad, and reminded us of the first that I can see the shortcuts through the direct link so that find available to him the option to add the shortcut to your iPhones or iPads.

Explanation of the use of the application shortcuts in iOS 12 with some examples

For those who don’t know, using the application shortcuts can dispense with long steps to perform a task or tasks within the app on your phone with simple steps or even the implementation of functions not offered by the applications, but here we will give you 11 useful test ready to add and use directly on the iPhone, iPad, and iOS 12. Knowing that you can set a special for each test can be said to Siri to activate the shortcut quickly.

1) Download YouTube videos

After downloading the shortcut and add it from the link below, if you want to download YouTube video after you watch it, you must share the link with the shortcut that starts automatically analyze the video, for detailed explanation refer to: decision.

Download the shortcut

2) Save photo to Instagram where they

After adding the shortcut, you can without the need for external application to upload any picture on Instagram where they once you copy the image link and paste it in the shortcut.

Download the shortcut

3) create a QR code

Copy the URL or text and then share it with the shortcut and sure to get a QR code; scanning this code can access the message or mail link included.

Download the shortcut

4) export video slow

Videos cum slow motion (Slow-mo) in the iPhone can not be displayed in slow motion only on Apple devices; the role of this shortcut is to make these videos compatible with all devices, so the user of Android on his device working slow and not display normal as usual; all you have to do after downloading the shortcut is to video application images, and then share it with the shortcut that will load it and save it in the studio.

Download the shortcut

5) delete photos screen

If you’re someone who frequently capture screen images and they, the activation of this shortcut prepares you to enter a number, and like 20; after that it deletes the last 20 pictures of the screen images.

Download the shortcut

6) Download Videos Instagram where they and Twitter

Simply watch the video with the shortcut start download any video on the product quality that you choose.

Download the shortcut

7) an emergency message

You may not find mission himself compelled to send this message, but it might be useful to send your location information to a friend or family quickly; activating the shortcut will take you to a message by the location data you can make edits and add it and write a special message.

Download the shortcut

8) a message number, a stranger on WhatsApp

Through this shortcut, you don’t have to add the number to contacts in order to communicate with them on WhatsApp; it is enough to launch the shortcut and enter the number to communicate with him.

Download the shortcut

9) the road to a certain place

If you changed your residence recently or your job requests to visit a certain place for several days, you can enter the address of this place so that if you launched the shortcut wherever you are guides you to this heading from your current location; this app Maps Google.

Download the shortcut

10) save the Web page

With this shortcut you can share web pages with the iBooks app to view them while not connected to the internet within the app.

Download the shortcut

11) the commission calculated the tax host

This shortcut can account for the commissions and the added tax gratuities, enter the amount and then the percentage of commission or added tax or tip.

Download the shortcut

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