100 times fourth generation, the first disclosure of the speed of the fifth generation of the internet

After many questions from telecom companies, finally appeared the first official statement reveals the speed of the network of the fifth generation, which looks like it will overtake the previous fourth-generation LTE up to 100 times.

The company released the “Huawei” Chinese data on new production of phones and tablet devices that operate in accordance with the standards of the network of the fifth generation of communications to lead the electronics market, which supports wireless communication.

According to a statement by Huawei, the speed of the fifth generation will be between 1 to 10 Gbps, which is up to 100 times the speed of the fourth generation, adding to the delay amount of one part of the second 50 portion of the second Assembly of the fourth current, and more than a billion per square kilometer.

You can’t count the benefits of networks of the fifth generation to just improvements in speed radio and high-speed data, where the networks of the fifth generation with many great features, apps and unlimited.

It will help the speed of the new generation of Internet and the delay to one part of a second in the configuration of the network connection between the cars “self-driving” cars and other which improves the mechanism to adjust the problems of traffic in areas of congestion. Will also check in all the techniques of virtual reality remote super fast and analysis of the resulting data by neural networks evolving.

Also, most of the systems computer networks rely on a central server “Server” for the rest of the setups affiliate in the network, and with the advent of the fifth-generation networks there will be no need to connect the devices to protocols of the networks of ancient systems of artificial intelligence that manages the operation of the device wirelessly without any centralized supervision.

The dark side of fifth generation

But on the other side, the fifth-generation networks raise a lot of concerns on the security front, especially not in the networks of the fifth generation of the ability to connect the speed of data access is increasing around the clock.

It expressed the Australian Government is concerned about the empowerment of ordinary users to use criminal this network and had to change all systems, weather forecasting radars military to the frequency of the fifth generation, which makes these systems vulnerable to penetration and manipulation, in addition to the risk of violations of information security of the country due to it being run under the penalty of remote control.

It recently leaked document from the National Security Council in the United States referring to their fear of growing Chinese thinking in the development of the fifth-generation networks, which will in turn means to impose its dominance politically and militarily.

And parallel with that, the launch of the U.S. government to the official statement in January about its plans to develop networks of the fifth generation to prevent matters of business committed by the Chinese management on cellular devices America, after explicit recognition of the superiority of the Chinese government and the South Korean in communications technology.

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