10 videos archival documented staging techniques have become part of our contemporary world

Nice to platform youtube easy by documenting the situation, so that children of the future from knowledge of the events of the past, but the prettiest -especially our generation – is to share what has been documented in the past, particularly those passages of the old that witnessed the dawn of the era of computers and the internet, and the disappearance of the human before to realize over the influence that may cause his life and in the lives of his children.

Fortunately, the digitization age in which we now live is the age of a newborn, came after the era of the fixed image and moving, after 30 or 40 years there were cameras, televisions broadcasts, and there are companies and individuals who kept with the tapes so old was born and chose the platform of YouTube, said the deployment of some of those sections to include everyone, how to set off these computers and conquer the world and then contacted with each other via a single global network (the internet).

Let’s say the trip enjoyable towards the recent past, and in the valley youtube deep for us to extract some video of the old saw starting techniques and tools have become an important part of our digital world today.

How to send an e-mail (1984)

Do you remember the sound of the old spam (dial-up) that the old way that we used 20 years ago to connect to the internet, that the tune itself was the end-credits of the programme of the British TV was broadcast in 1984 and was named “Database” or “database” the following video is of one of the episodes that she was drinking for the viewer to easily send an email or “E mail”.

In the video was the use of the term, maybe we don’t use today, (such as Microcomputer) which is simply a personal computer, it was the name of the “computer” generally is reserved for the hardware giant which is used inside companies and institutions, as was the use of the word (Micronet) which can be regarded as the initial form of what would then “Internet”.

A revolutionary new technology its name (CD) (1982)

You may be surprised when you see this report, which presents this technology when the world celebrated the coming in of that period, it’s CD-ROM drive (CD) (Compact disc), you might think -like me – it’s not that foot, because you might remember the floppy disk (Floppy disk), which was prevalent before the spread of these drives.

But you should know that entering that drive the markets was from the door of the music or audio in general, did not enter from the door of the computers, giant companies like Sony, Philip, and busy in the beginning of the eighties the development of this new technology that will revolutionize the way that we store it audio and listen to it, in 1982; these disks then sell a lot of devices running it, and then she became is the first way to listen to music in the entire world.

The internet spread in the world (1995)

A short video not to exceed two minutes contains footage of a variety of television program Today, when the internet permeates American Society (and the developed world) slowly, slowly, slowly, the announcer was wondering says: What is the internet anyway, it was something weird, anonymous world of people at that time.

Topic “cable car” (1988)

When communication began to develop in that period, some companies have managed to manufacture televisions are expensive (relatively) to mount it in the car, and then became talk on the phone in the car theme and style of the particular energy-rich, so that a lot of individuals were buying a TV a fake and then talk to the and for show only.

The first iPhone (2007)

Let’s go back a little in time, the recent past, when born iPhone, with the following clip and tell me and the first for the first iPhone dropped, and fortunately it was in 2007, when youtube has emerged is the other, the video dates back to raise it for the year 2007 and there are comments under his back for many years in the past.

One day, as the computer will become the size of a table (1974)

Talking about his young son and asks how the situation will be in the year 2001, when it becomes in age, the answer the writer of science fiction “Arthur C. Clarke” to these bulky computers will be in his house, will be able to anyone that lives in any place in the world and works from his home, although he is a fiction writer, but he had actually hit the nail on the expectation that, today, we live in a small village raising our global network one.

The first call from a mobile phone in the world (1973)

This video is a clip of the documentary talk, but he tells the story of the first call occurred in the history of the Mobile Phone (cell phone) and an interview with the man who recorded history as the first of the call from a mobile phone in the world, “Martin Cooper” is the same engineer who contributed to the invention that the device is small in size (in his time) great size (in our time)

A documentary about the personal computers (1980)

Before the revolution of smart phones, there was a revolution in computers, the world has witnessed a paradigm shift and a great while it has been possible acquisition of a computer in the home, the name (computer) wasn’t asked only to those large appliances which occupy entire rooms inside large companies, and enable the world to produce devices small and light shot (Personal Computer) or a test (PC), the following report dating back eighty, which sheds light on the subject.

An interactive map before you generate a Google years (1979)

The device has a screen like TV, you view the streets of the city of Aspen of America, with the possibility for the viewer to choose the direction and control of traffic and the angle of the display, somewhat similar to the service (Street View) offered by Google through its maps, this has been a project of MIT in 1979.

The beginning of the drawing, and Computers (1974)

And finally this video, which dates back to the world 1974 which is known by the than reached control technology and three-dimensional across computers, which is brilliant in that period, to be able to human through computer draw the human face and partnership that way, of course, now reached the painting techniques and you to advanced tracks too.


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