10 tricks to protect your privacy and avoid penetrating a pirate for your devices

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10 حيل لتجنب اختراق القراصنة وحماية خصوصيتك

I don’t doubt that the pirates are working full force to search for new ways to penetrate and steal your data and this entitled them to earn a lot of money. For this reason we have seen a significant rise in the number of operations to penetrate and steal data over the past few years.

Unfortunately most people do not know they have been exposed for the hack only after it is too late, so with frequent crimes of cyber security you must secure yourself from hacker attacks to protect your privacy on the internet, and to help you we will give you some things that you should be doing to avoid the penetration of pirate:

1. install new updates as soon as I can

First of all it is necessary to maintain the to be apps and smart devices that you use and always updated with the latest versions and firmware. Often include updates to address many of the security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a hacker to perform operations to penetrate your data.

2 – secure your devices in powerful ways

It’s amazing that a third of smartphone users at least don’t care about using symbols, a strong password, but use the simplest codes are four-digit pass to secure their devices and access sites. There are many ways to secure and unlock phones, computers and tablets – which is the biometric such as facial recognition, fingerprints and as well as how to use styles and other so you must set up a strong passcode to secure your devices and take advantage of the features of the high security they provide the the biometric.

3 – Make sure to activate your Firewall to your devices

Think firewall Firewall is a very important part of protecting your device, even if hackers hacked your device and your location and IP address of your computer, the firewall gives them access to the operating system and the police. It is worth noting that the Windows systems of Windows and Mac Mac modern contain walls of built-in protection definition Internet ports incoming and outgoing.

4 – start to encrypt your drive

There is an additional step you can use to increase security is to encrypt your computer’s hard drive with encryption will transform your data to the code unreadable and can not be deciphered only by using a key or a password specific.

Users can Windows do this by activating the encryption tool included with BitLocker. Where a tool is available BitLocker for anyone who has a computer that is running Windows Vista or 7 Ultimate or 7 Enterprise or Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 8.1 Enterprise or Windows 10 Pro.

And Mac Mac the tool disk encryption built-in which allow FileVault, and help prevent unauthorized access to your data provides an extra layer of security in case of computer theft or loss.

5. don’t trust the networks Wi-Fi Wi-Fi general

Uses pirates and hackers networks public Wi-Fi to users who join the network or they sometimes say that creating a network honeypot is a fake designed to steal your information.

If you are not careful it will enable the hackers to get all your personal data such as your name, address, social insurance number and e-mail address, user names and passwords to your during your use of public WiFi network at headquarters.

That is why it is necessary to use a virtual private network (VPN) connection when in public places. It is good to use one at home too. Using your network a VPN will hide your IP address from websites and services you visit and you can browse them anonymously.

6 – clear your data from the old devices which will be rid of them

It is known that survey data files from devices in ways that traditional does not guarantee final disposition, as there are a lot of ways and software that help to retrieve it even after a lot of time after you delete them, if you want to be serious about your safety and to avoid penetration of a pirate, then you need to erase sensitive data forever, through the use of programs such as Eraser or Blank and Secure for Windows or Secure Delete – File Shredder for Macs.

There is also the popular program CCleaner which can be used to delete files permanently on personal computers running Windows and Mac Mac.

7 – be sure to use strong passwords for your accounts on the internet

Your password is your first line of Defense, so make sure you set up a secure password unique for each account, if you feel difficulty in dealing with passwords a lot or want to develop passwords that are harder you can use the program Password Manager password manager is a program that can store passwords and manage each application or service or website you use, where it is considered such as a locked cabinet for all your traffic data.

8 – use two-factor authentication Two-Factor Authentication

Authentication 2FA considered a way to use a step additional verification to process your login with your accounts the most important. Instead of presenting the user name and password just to log in to an account code is sent to a new different to your phone to use every time you access to your account.

9 – be sure to use the option network guest

Wish friends and family always use the Wi-Fi network in your Wi-Fi when you visit, instead of using your network that are connected by all of your devices, you can customize private network them in the router, which is known as the network for guests.

This feature allows you to share your Internet connection with your guests while keeping them out of your network core, which prevents them from seeing the files and common services, so set up a network for guests using your network name different password, and different and powerful.

10 – choose the type of account appropriate

When you set up a computer for the first time you create one user account at least. If there are multiple people using your computer you can create an account for each of them.

User accounts are important because they separate your files from other users and that’s good for privacy and security as long as that each account has a password of its own. However, what he doesn’t know many of the users is having multiple types of accounts that you can create. Type the two main types are Administrator and Standard Standard. You will need to check the user accounts immediately, and change any accounts Administrator to Standard accounts.

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