10 tools and features to manage Facebook groups in a professional manner

Facebook groups is a free tool to create digital communities, communities to share ideas and opinions, or to cooperate to achieve a common goal, this tool is not the best of the hand properties of tools of management and control, there are systems specializes in creating digital communities, which include: systems to create curves.

Systems such as VBulletin and Vanilla Forums can be used to create and manage digital collections in a very professional, you won’t find those characteristics provided by those systems inside (Facebook groups) but what sets Facebook groups they are embedded with the network most widespread in the world, there is no need to sign up and create memberships for New, as it is a free service that does not require a special hosting or complicated steps for creation and management simple clicks and everything is ready.

Recently, the Facebook development (groups) and add the Administrative Tools to enable managers and communities to control more and control the performance better, we were referred up to speed on this in our previous article, today, across the following lines, we will act more broadly on those characteristics and tools of new and old that doesn’t know its more users.

1. List of members the most interactive

We’ll start this feature being highly desirable, especially in Active communities or that are meant to be active, one of the means to improve member is honored the most interactive of them, can be in honor of the morally or even physically, but the problem is in how to tell those members the most interactive, this has been difficult from within Facebook itself, but now it has changed it.

Became the statistics page (group insights) and know many useful information, including a list of the ten best members on hand to interact and participate, you’ll find in front of each name The number of published comments, which he wrote during the last 28 days, you can also download an extended version of the statistics and problems of each member and identify the other period of time.

2. The window member information

Known knowledge that when you click on the name of any user on Facebook, you expect it directly to his personal page, but what if you click on his name in one of the groups? Have you tried it? Have you noticed the difference? If you haven’t already done so go now and pay any group you’re involved in, and then click on the name of any member.

When you click on the name of the member within the group will not go to his personal page, but will have a window containing information about the user related to the group, such as date of join and last posts and publications that are added by the member to the group, it is available to everyone, but it is more useful to the Director of the group to see some of the details that contribute to the activity of the user and take some action.

3. Silencing member for a certain period

Managers can prevent any member from posting comments or writing publications for a period ranging between an hour and 24 hours, and it’s through the window of the member information (which we mentioned in the previous point) directly, or via the members page (members), where you can click on the dots icon (…) next to the member name, then select (mute member).

4. Delete the user with its effects

Sometimes, says one of the users to join the group with a view to promote and support the sites or products or anything else, so the consultations of that type (Spam), and then decides the manager to delete the member, but you can delete its publications with the Click of a button, or should traffic on each publication and a comment and delete them one by one?

In the former it was tiring and annoying when those excesses, but now it has become possible to delete the user and all and, when clicking on the order deletion (Remove from group) located in the same previous list (list of points) a window will appear containing several options, including the can delete all publications or comments, written in the last 7 days, can also be attended by the member not to come back to join again.

5. Badges managers and supervisors

It’s now easier to disperse the managers and supervisors about the rest of the members, you know, the manager can group to make any project member or manager, and admin powers less than the director, he is able to accept new members or reject them, approve the publication of new or denied, other than the powers that be know in detail via the help page on Facebook.

Now there’s a badge (city) or (draft) appears next to the name of the member belonging to the crew management, and also the badge (new member) beside the member newly joining the group, This is the badge that will adorn the participation process organized and help the members to know of the happening and their questions, is it a manager or a project? Or ordinary member.

6. Closing comments

Known that the order of the publications in the groups talking through the other comments, you are able to send any old pamphlet to the interface via a quick comment, and this causes some problems in regards to ranking publications and the group as a whole, so there is a possibility for the Director group to close the comments section on any publication he wants, and therefore will not go up at all, or reopen comments at any time.

This property is useful for groups that do activities fixed weekly or monthly, you are able to close participation in the activities of the old and open the field to participate in new activities only.

7. Answer the questions when you join

This property is which is newly to communities, but its task, it must be noted here, where the school groups are able to put questions (maximum 3) to answer member wishing to join prior to approval, it will show the answers to the Director under the name of each member page to approve the requests.

This property opens the door to many possibilities, where groups can be used as points closed continued for a certain or specific activity in advance, and then you will be able to make sure that belonging to your group, they are common with you site via ask or request a password sent to them, for example.

To do this, go to the group settings page (Edit Group settings) by clicking on the icon more (More) then down until you find the icon (Ask a Question) click on it and questions.

8. Welcome to the new members

This property is gathered for you all the new members who have joined the group (or approved) in the last days and put them in a publication a welcome one, of course, you’ll write a publication and mention of the names of all persons within the publication automatically.

This small movement that will stimulate new members to start participating and interacting within the group, and can be accessed from the side column within the group.

9. Schedule the publications

The back of the property schedule on pages first, and now is available for groups as well, and can be used by managers to publish some content at a certain time of the day or night, in order to ensure the availability of the largest number of members in the moment, you can schedule a series of publications which will be automatically on certain days.

When writing the publication, you will find next to the icon (Post) in the bottom other icon code previously, and when clicking on them you will be able to choose the time and day to publish that publication, you can also share all publications that are scheduled through a special page to reach the list of (More), then choose (Manage Group), then choose (Scheduled Post).

10. Sub-groups

May use Group Manager to create a set of other subclasses to implement posts better, this may become available within the Facebook groups, when you do it will appear the icon of the new group at the top within the group of the old, and will accept any member of the group when the old joining the new group automatically (The administrator can allow or turn off this feature).

To do this click on the icon (…) and then choose (Create New Linked Group).

The conclusion of the …

It was that potential that can be harnessed to accomplish something beautiful or useful, the achievements are greatest when efforts are community minds to achieve them, or to share experience and help others who may be in need of the information in the possession of another person is thousands of kilometers away in another place of this world, and all of this thanks to let us that digital tools which facilitated communication and editing.

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