10 things you may not know about Galaxy Fuld

Samsung revealed about her phone rollaway Galaxy Fuld earlier this year, and as an organ of the first generation, it creates many problems which must be disposed of, and we expect that some of them are solved by the time it arrives to the customer, and now let’s take a quick look at some of the things that you may not know about.

1. some applications of the landscape such as games, are determining its direction, and will spin in the opposite direction, where I have the phone setup a preset for it.

2 – you will know application that does not support the feature of Continuity of the black bars are huge on the sides as soon as they are opened, we hope that the app is updated the most popular soon to fix that.

3 – take pictures and video on the external screen small is a bad experience because of its small size, but when you open the device and use the inner screen, it sounds like you’re taking photos using the iPad.

4 – if you open the phone, you will not work the external monitor under any circumstances, while it makes sense, we believe it is a missed opportunity to make the front screen displays the photo of the person who we filmed for them is the other.

5 – there is a small lag when scrolling through content in portrait mode on the big screen, where it seems that the content of the screen are updated from left to right.

6 – because magnet that helps keep it closed tightly, strong enough to attract metal objects small near easily, so I advise you not to put it in your pocket with metal objects.

7 – although the strength of the magnets that keep it closed, could be opened easily with one hand, but it requires some exercise, so it becomes easier the more used to it.

8 – the phone uses a fingerprint reader fingers on the side like the Galaxy S10e.

9 – crimp the screen is noticeable, but I don’t mind it visually, and will not notice it if you look at the company vertically, but will your fingers feel when scrolling left or right.

10 – there are three modes for typing on the phone, and they are ordinary keyboard, a keyboard is divided, and a keyboard floating.

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