10 settings it’s recommended to avoid its phones Galaxy S10

Come interface One UI several distinctive and exciting as the System Gestures and the inclusive and dark, which increases the battery life, but here, not the best settings that are recommended to check and change them on a series Galaxy S10, knowing that some of the Settings may exist in some women, such as the imprint of the screen that do not exist in the S10e.

“The 6 most important settings and features in the interface, One UI

1) hide the front camera

If you don’t like camera +S10 broad or even circular in the standard version وS10e you can hide them by going to Settings > Apps full screen and swipe the tape in front of the option to hide the front camera.

2) customize the display side

You can customize the arrangement of the side flaps such as the width of the plate applications by persons, add or remove items from each panel, and change from no one to show the paintings to go to screen settings > screen to the side and then do the side flaps, where you can choose the color you want.

You can choose the order of the paintings by clicking on the three dots top right of the screen then choose the re-installation. You can also add an aesthetic effect when you call the side flaps of the option the effect of side lighting.

3) the pattern of the screen

Prepare screen for dynamic phones Galaxy S10 is the best currently, but have the user doesn’t notice the color saturation and visibility enough if he held the phone in Normal mode, here recommend the change to the situation (Vivd) from the screen settings > screen style.

4) customize the display of the Permanent Mission of

You can activate the screen permanent that displays information such as the battery, notifications, alarm clock and weather settings of your lock screen, you can click on and choose the display style and select “Always” after that.

You can customize the format of the previous settings of the lock screen, where you can choose between several design equipped.

5) show the icon prints the screen

Comes Galaxy S10 +S10 reader fingerprint integrated to the network faster than the phones competitors, but the problem is you may not hit the selected location to use it, so I recommend you to show fingerprint icon to go to security settings > fingerprint and activate the option.

6) alerts notifications

Seeking to apply the settings on the alerts notifications, where you can identify some applications that if you didn’t check the notices be alerted each time period, such as every 15 minutes from the time of arrival of a notice or other alert.

7) improved display of videos

An option available since the Galaxy S7, so you get a clear lighting and accurate colours of any video you watch on your phone, you can do it from Advanced settings.

8) the routine of Baker.

Style assistant Google, you can customize a routine specific use in certain times and places, such as the control for silent mode or activate Do Not Disturb mode by the late hours of the night like. A choice that you will find his Settings developed under the name of the routine Baker.

9) activate the air conditioning to save energy

Looking for a power mode to apply the settings, where you will find the option of air conditioning to save energy, which depends on the pattern to use to move between modes to save energy automatically, which is one of the features Android 9.

10) activate the control to use

It is also a new feature Android 9, known as Digital Wellbeing, and monitor the usage monitor slot number of the device and the number of notifications and applications to use, and by restricting the use of any perfumed the particular status of temporary daily use.

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