10 new and fun games for Android devices


Nostradamus – the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a puzzle game new new say in which players to find specific objects in a mess filled with scenes of horror.


نوستراداموس - أربعة الفرسان من نهاية العالم
Developer: and
Price: $ 2.99


Spotty Bear – A Spot of Bother

Bear game is a fun educational game for children designed to help children to learn colors and numbers, as well as includes the game The Adventures of fun-filled.


الدب متقطعا - بقعة من عناء
Developer: Chaos theory games
Price: $ 4.99



Strategy game using virtual reality on the high seas where you play the role of a pirate captain in command of the ship and eliminating pirates others, this means that you will manage your crew and decide when to start firing your cannons and steer your ship to find the gold.



Developer: read games a father.
Price: $ 9.99


Wiggle Whale

Game whale wobbler is the newest game in the store Google Play from the developer 111% which is a whale of a task by shooting projectiles on the largest possible number of pirate ships in order to restore his reign in the waters of the ocean.


تذبذب الحوت
The fluctuation of the whale
Developer: 111% of
Price: free



Puzzle game a fun lets play with matching cubes to shapes and colors corresponding to this can be tricky, as you can control multiple cubes in one time, the game begins in a simple and evolve into more complex forms.


Developer: Dave games car
Price: free


Baseball Boy!

Baseball boy! Is a baseball game that enables users to hit the ball and continue in the cycle of play and improve the numbers of Registered and enjoy a game of baseball is endless.


بيسبول بوي!
Developer: Voda
Price: free


Hit n’ Run

Racing game tend greatly to destroy everything in your way and blocking cars and cops, the goal is to dominate on the road and paralyzed traffic on the lines of the drivers of the gangs of the mafia.


اضرب و اركض
Developer: absolute games
Price: free


Ski Jumping Pro

Game the on the ice three-dimensional and includes simple controls to maintain balance and focus in the slopes, and features game graphics and super quality.



التزلج القفز برو
Developer: Calypso media mobile Gump
Price: free


Tower Duel – Multiplayer TD

Match game competitive cards offer the possibility of playing with rivals over the internet.


برج مبارزة - متعددة تد
Developer: forest ring games
Price: free


Light a Way

Free game for girls, where the character of the game collect magical artifacts that can help her on her journey to eliminate objects dark to restore light to the world and get rid of the darkness that tainted the land.


ضوء الطريق
Developer: for the age of this
Price: free.

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