10 most powerful Android smartphones of November. What are they?

The benchmark tests two purpose: to measure the performance of a new device or interested users of the news has not yet announced a smartphone. For example, at the end of December the test from Geekbench passed the first representative of the series Galaxy M Samsung. The novelty will receive 7885 Exynos chip, 3GB of RAM and Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box. In the single core test mode SM-M205F scored 1319 points, and in multi-core — 4074. Now came the turn more serious results. AnTuTu has published a ranking of the most powerful devices Nov.

We are talking about the traditional definition of the ten most productive smartphones. Employees analyze completed during the month tests and determine the winners. The higher the total score, the higher place in the ranking.

As representatives of GizmoChina, the top of the list reoccupied device on Kirin 980. This 20 Huawei Mate, Mate and Mate 20 X 20 Pro, who scored 309, 304 and 302 thousand points respectively.

It is followed by Honor Magic 2 and Black Shark Helo from Xiaomi. Sixth place went OnePlus 6T 10-nanometer Snapdragon chip 845, 8 GB of RAM and graphics Adreno 630.

The next position is occupied by game smartphone Black Shark with 294 thousand points. Located on ZTE Nubia X, which stands out by the presence of two touch-screens. He lagged behind its nearest competitor by 411 points.

Finally, ten close 6 OnePlus and Xiaomi Mi 8. Both devices scored 292 thousand points. The gap is also minimal.

Sometimes with the benchmark problems. We will remind, smartphones, some companies specify the names of popular tests and removed performance limitations. As a result, users get unfair results and inflated numbers.

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