10 most popular smartphones in Russia. You didn’t expect

Recently published data about the interests of users in relation to smartphones. The rating is of interest from two points of view. First, on the basis of you can get an idea about the models sold in Russia. Second, it is possible to understand how heterogeneous is the demand for modern means of communication. Let’s look at this list and understand why it happened.

More smartphones are good and different!

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The statistics of smartphone sales in September 2019

Statistics, which will be given below, prepared by analysts of Yandex.Market. They studied the demand for smartphones in September 2019 and built the list of devices that were most popular. The study used data about user clicks on the item cards and online shopping.

Choosing a smartphone is not the most simple occupation

Of course, it’s hard not to guess that the sales leader is a Xiaomi smartphone, but noted it and other devices. Let’s consider the top ten!

The best-selling smartphones in September 2019

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4/64GB (14 200 rubles)
  2. Samsung 64GB Galaxy A50 (19 990 rubles)
  3. Apple iPhone 64GB Xr (54 990 rubles)
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 7 3/32GB (11 990 rubles)
  5. Xiaomi Mi 9T 6/64GB (24 500 RUB)
  6. Apple iPhone Xr 128GB (59 990 rubles)
  7. Samsung Galaxy A10 (9 990 rubles)
  8. Samsung Galaxy S10e 6/128GB (49 990 rubles)
  9. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 3/32GB (12 850 rubles)
  10. Samsung Galaxy A70 (28 127 rubles)

In parentheses are the average cost on the market, including the official stores and grey dealers. Of course, there are small errors, but the overall picture is unlikely to change significantly in another method of analysis. We also this information is more than enough for the formation of a common view of user preferences.

It is the leader in sales, if that.

Immediately you notice that the top ten includes 4 smartphone from Xiaomi. In our Telegram chat and the comments readers often discuss different models of this brand, converging in the opinion that they are very good for the money. I can’t agree with their opinion, but recognize that this is a personal preference, so respect them.

It is also possible to notice that six out of ten smartphones are cheaper 25 000. That is, are relatively inexpensive It is an additional proof that modern low-cost smartphones have learned to be of high quality. I’m not talking about the device for 2 000-5 000, with them a different story, but in the range 10 000 — 20 000 rubles, you can find decent machines.

Separately struck by the fact that the ranking there is not a single smartphone from Huawei, including its Honor sub-brand. The recent events connected with the scandal had a strong impact on sales of the Chinese. At the same time, they have good and cheap models, which often fall into such ratings. Even regular discounts are unable to affect the sale. Although, perhaps in off-line retail, where we hold the majority of shares, stats will be a little different. Still, this does not negate the strong falling sales Huawei and the fact that the top ten user likes only three manufacturers. One of which is Apple.

Why many people buy iPhone

In the ranking of smartphone two devices that cost more than 50 000. They are both made by Apple. iPhone XR 64 GB is in third place and the iPhone XR 128 GB located in sixth place. Another expensive smartphone — Samsung Galaxy S10e is only in eighth place, though the iPhone is cheaper (”only” 49 990 rubles).

Samsung Galaxy S10e is very good, but it sometimes seems undervalued.

To say it can only one! Buyers are still not willing to buy an expensive Android device. But we can see that a huge number of users are willing to pay for smartphone 55, 000 and more if it’s cherished iPhone.
The answer is simple. iPhone is easy to use, it does not require any additional settings, though, and loses largely normal device on Android. The vast majority of people do not use all the functions of Android and just not ready to buy them for much. Easier to buy the smartphone, whose name is a symbol of an expensive device. One of my friends even called the iPhone a word ”luxury”. Well, Suite yourself, to be honest. But one can see the influence of popular stereotypes that say that if you have an iPhone, you have achieved something in life. ”The kid came to success” if you want.

Do you think which smartphone is right for you? iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10, 4 Google Pixel?

Someone, of course, the likes of the iPhone itself and there is nothing wrong, but as we see, despite all the statements to the public that ”iPhone — cow lepekha” as soon as they have money, the majority is buying them. Unable to argue with that, but the fact remains. This is why Apple collects the smartphone market more profits than the other manufacturers combined.

The most expensive smartphone in the top three most popular iPhone XR

Okay, sweeten at the end. Maybe people passed on the request an iPhone without wanting to buy it, but just out of interest. But, the same people can go on a page other devices. This is the error I’m talking about in the beginning and which will hardly change the balance of power.

Who wants to buy iPhone

Let’s in the end going to take a little survey. Answer, are you ready to buy an iPhone if it cost not so expensive. Or, for example, which would you choose if money is not an issue. Understand that we are all here for Android, but the survey is anonymous. So let’s get honest and realize it’s the price or just iPhone not worthy buying.

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