10 leading companies in the video games industry

Are video games popular, especially after the advent and development of smartphones and PlayStation was Xbox and personal computers, and decorate the developments in household appliances, phones, personal computers, the renaissance of the video games industry, where companies compete for the developer between them in the version of the game.

The following lines illustrate the largest companies working in the field of development of video games, the industry has become no less important than any other industry, but those companies that achieve revenues much higher than the other in other areas.

Company Ubisoft

Company Ubisoft; the French company a leader in the field of video game development, founded in 1986, headquartered in France with branches in more than 28 countries, and is the first developer issued a shooting game on the internet, among the most famous games developed by the game Prince of Persia, The doctrine of alienation, to draw.

Company Square Enix

A Japanese company founded in 1982, has achieved since its inception popular especially in roleplaying games, and the most famous games which is developed by company Square Enix series games Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Games Series Final Fantasy of them that sold 110 million copies in 2014.

Company Electronic Arts

An American company founded in 1982, started its activity publisher, and then entered the world of development, the company owns the studios continued in several countries including Canada and Sweden, the famous company Electronic Arts producing sports such as football games and auto racing.

Company Konami

A Japanese company founded in 1969, and months Products game football PES which enjoyed great popularity, and its products also played a famous horror “Silent Hill” and the adventure game “Metal Gear”.

Company Activision Blizzard

An American company enjoys a great popularity in the field of development of video games for months its the music game “Guitar Hero” Series games aim “Call of duty” and the game of role-playing “world of Warcraft” and the game “provide and”.

Company Nintendo

Multinational company was founded in 1889 in the city of “Kyoto” in Japan, the company launched a product for the arcade games and then entered the field of development of video games through the portal of Super Mario game famous, and during its long history, the company produced the Nintendo many games that have achieved huge popularity of Pokemon, and the game of war “fire of World” Series games “more”.

Company Namco Bandai

A Japanese company founded in 2006, months its game “Tekken 6” and the RPG “Dragon Ball Mysterious Universe” and the game “Naruto Shippuden” and the action game “if she: Odyssey to the West”.

Company Sega

Company Sega of the largest companies working in the field of developing video games was founded in 1940 in Tokyo, Japan, the company has several branches in Europe and North America, and the most famous work of the famous game “Sonic the Hedgehog”, and the game of role-playing “fantasy star” and “Crazy Taxi”.

Microsoft Studios

Is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft, was founded in 2002, working on the production of video games for computers that are running Microsoft Windows, they also produce the leading companies in the production of games for the Xbox, months their products and racing game “Forza Horizon”.

Sony Computer Entertainment

Multinational company was established in 1993, is headquartered in Japan, famous for producing gaming devices PlayStation, months their products the game “Gran Turismo” and the game “God of war”.

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