10 games the mysteries of the service Apple Arcade will your intelligence

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Put the Apple TV to the latest versions of operating systems this year, also launched its latest service for games, namely, (Apple TV for the arcade) Apple Arcade; which will cost you $ 4.99 per month – with the possibility of a trade for a full month for free-and it allows you full access to a library of more than 100 games new and exclusive, you can play it through the phones iPhone, computers , iPad tablets, computers, Mac, and Apple TV (Apple TV).

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, the Arcade variety is good for this style of gaming, where guests solve crimes, and explore enchanting worlds and test your mental abilities.

The following are the top 10 games and puzzles you can play on service Arcade of Apple TV:

1 – a game of Possessions:

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A game of Possessions is about the mysteries of the miniature three-dimensional spin on awareness by the public, and spatial awareness. In this game you must rotate the room simply to change perspective, see things in their right places.

Each level will be more difficult some thing where you have to order more stuff – also need to help to get to the vases, and connect the cords to the wall, all in the time that it relates the story of a family inhabiting the House.

Also supports the game’s augmented reality mode that lets you try it in the real world where you solve levels by navigating around the room.

2 – game Tangle Tower:

This game developed by SFB Games, and her story about finding out who killed Freya is situated Fellow, where he will play the role of detective, and interrogate suspects to solve the case, through trade, in the place of occurrence of crime is the tower of Tangle Tower, so you’ll be able to uncover the secrets of the Tangle Tower?

3 – the game is Patterned:

Patterned is a puzzle game Premium takes you to experience the fun of shapes, negative and repetitive, each format is considered part of the design technician, you must use visual evidence to re-assemble the scattered pieces piece by piece, and then will begin full design in the configuration in terms of color and body, and when you put the last piece of the shape, fills the design, the entire screen color. Includes the game up to 150 to a form all designed and handmade by artists from around the world.

4 – a game Where the Cards Fall:

Is the game mysteries of the creative depends on the narrative, solve puzzles, and relies on the construction of houses of cards, with more than 50 mystery spatially difficult, and require the game to exercise imagination skills and strategic thinking to reach solutions.

5 – game Assemble with Care:

This game develop ustwo games, the developer of the game Monument Valley; and it’s set around Maria is a restored masterpiece, up to the center of Bellariva journey through their world, and want nothing more than to help the inhabitants of the country to save their property. Related to Maria on the people who suffer from problems and looking for ways to solve it also.

6 – the game Dear Reader:

This game is what they are looking for learners of the English language, they rely on the conversion of classic literature to mysteries, clever, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks, putting lines in the correct order to solve puzzles and unique, which will help you add new books to your library.

7 – game Manifold Garden:

Lets you play a Manifold Garden solving puzzles in a place where the laws of physics where you deal with gravity, you will be able to walk on any surface visible, as you’ll see the world in new ways.

8 – game The Enchanted World:

Spin this game about a magical world ravaged by the forces of evil, where there is a small fairy you have to help her in the journey to repair and treat damaged, by solving the puzzles. You progress the game 9 completely different worlds, solve more than 30 mystery.

9 – the game of tint:

Allows you to the game of tint solve puzzles by drawing, where you must mix the watercolors to match the color of the origami, the game includes 50 levels and can solve each level in often in multiple ways.

10 – game ChuChu Rocket:

This game is produced by Japanese games SEGA, a series of puzzles, three-dimensional brilliant, where you must direct the ChuChus to solve the puzzles as you travel through the many galaxies.

Support the game style of individual play, and players, where you can take the challenge with up to four of your friends.

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  2. Hello There I found your blog using msn This is a really well written article I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information Thanks for the post I will definitely comeback |

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