10 features of Gmail for Android that you might not know

Whether you like it or not, but email today is a very important element for communication. For both business and personal. In addition to working moments, check on various websites and ordering goods of a particular part of the email. One of the most reliable services is Gmail and use it on your Androidsmartphone will be much easier if you use a very useful function.

First, make sure that you have the latest version of Gmail, open the Play Store and checking for updates. Now, when everything is ready, let’s simplify our experience with Gmail.

Gesture control

If you get a lot of email, sometimes it is enough just to see the topic in order to understand how important you received a letter. Therefore, to quickly cope with all the incoming mail flow you can assign actions to swipe in order to “spread out” the letters in the folders without opening them.

To assign an action to a specific swipe, open the Gmail app and click “Settings” — “General settings” — “Manage gestures”.

Synchronize mailboxes

If you have more than one mailbox, the Gmail app for Android has a really useful option that allows you to view all at once and not to get lost in them. The option is called “All Inbox” and clicking on it displays a list of messages in chronological order regardless of which address they were sent.

Bulk edit

Open the Inbox or any other folder. Tap on any letter and hold your finger on it for some time. Now you have the ability to mark multiple emails. Then make them all you submerse — odalite, mark as read\unread or move to another folder.

Use the widget

Gmail now has the ability to work with widgets and it is really comfortable!

To add the Gmail widget, tap and hold an empty space on one of your home screens and select the option to insert a widget. Scroll through the list of widgets to find the widget Gmail. Tap and hold, then drag to the home screen. You will then be asked to choose an account and Inbox that will display the widget.

Save space on your smartphone

Email attachments can occupy a lot of space. So one way to keep the memory of your device — make sure you do not load too much mail on your gadget.

To do this, check the built-in sync settings. In the Gmail app you can select “Settings” and click on your email address to check whether the set your messages to sync. On the same screen you can also configure how many days of email attachments are cached on your smartphone\tablet.

Use the search correctly

The search function inside the app looks simple but it has lots of useful hidden options.
For example, try typing “older_than:1y” or “older_than:1d” in the search box to find the messages that you received over a year ago, or more than 1 day ago, respectively.

In addition, you can use “Is:important” — it will show all important messages in your Inbox.

Archive is not very important messages

The Gmail app for Android has a feature that ensures that any new messages from a particular correspondence was not marked as important are automatically archived. To do this from the app Gmail for Android, open the conversation then click on menu and then select “Mute” from the list.

Make your letters look better

Brevity, as you know, the sister of talent. However, this does not mean that all your messages should be free of formatting paragraphs and text. There are times when italics, bold or eye-catching color of the text can help to better convey the meaning of the message.

To access the formatting options, perform a long press on the desired screen area to select the desired text. Then choose a formatting function and you will get access to a variety of parameters.

Avoid accidentally sending or deleting messages

Sometimes you may accidentally click on the send is not yet ready or not edited posts. How can that be? One option is to include a confirmation of shipment by e-mail.

This can be done in “Settings” — “General settings” — “Confirm before sending”.

Delete sent email

If the previous point did not help you, then all is not lost. By default, Gmail allows you to undo a sent mail within 30 seconds after you have pressed “Send”. Need a icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. But don’t delay! The time you have not so much.

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