10 best medical apps-medical apps for Android

These days you can perform a whole range of things medical with specialized applications, there are applications for patients with diabetes, and apps to track your fitness and your health in general, there are also apps to track your water intake, so in this menu, we will focus more on general medicine, the following are to you the best medical applications for Android! But please note, that if you suspect any serious complications to your health, you should visit a real doctor as soon as possible, do not use this application to diagnose or treat any condition!

CareZone is one of the latest medical applications, it is already one among the best of them, this app is a all-in-one helps you manage your meds and instructions to your family and guidance of a doctor, and lists of medicines, and dosages of those medications, and instructions to the doctor additional, if necessary, in addition to some other features, it also includes a calendar so you can create tables, and to record any incidents that may be of interest, you can organize your contacts the doctor and pharmacy, and the app is completely free to use without ads or purchases inside it.

Doctor on Demand is a service that connects you to doctors certified in your area, you won’t get a comprehensive diagnosis with, however, you can get quick help for some diseases such as influenza, depression, anxiety and irritability in the skin and in the stomach and other problems simple, and that’s why of course, you’ll want to see a real doctor for anything more serious because these doctors can’t conduct a relationship or choose to not suffer from diseases.

The service seems to work well in general, users do not have only positive things to say about their sense of the presence of a doctor in your pocket, it’s one of the best medical applications for those who need a quick visit to the doctor.

Represents the Figure 1 application useful for doctors, nurses, it provides a variety of medical images that doctors can use to help diagnose patients, it is clear that it would not be useful for the basic things or common offered by all the doctors, however, can be useful for those rare diseases.

The app includes also messages compliant with HIPAA between physicians, the possibility of communicating with other doctors, and more than that, as there is also a great emphasis on the participation and presentation of case studies for overtime, it is a custom application for doctors, nurses, and ordinary people.

Here’s one of the applications best medical non-physicians and is applied GoodRX is an application to buy medicines and compare them, and includes many features such as letting you compare the prices of prescribed drugs, finding the best pages to buy drugs, and help find the best medication for your budget.

Of course, you should run it by your doctor before you buy medication already, but this is a good way to educate yourself what is available to you, it’s really a positive experience in general, it’s a free app without ads or purchases inside it.

Medical terminology Medical Terminologies is an application used as a reference guide that can help you in learning medical terminology, you can find information about a variety of words and phrases Medical not common, the application comes with full support without an internet connection and search quick bookmarks is limited.

As there is a lot of information, although its design is a little older than we would like, but it’s very practical. It also has Android Wear support if you need it. It’s one of the best medical apps for students of the Faculty of medicine, you can try the free version or go for the celebration for $ 2.99.

Is Medscape Medical Applications are important, where you can find all kinds of medical knowledge, it includes basic things such as News, Medical along with educational videos about different medical procedures, the app also includes the side effects of drugs and drug interactions between more than 7,000 properties and more than 8,000 study.

It’s mostly for medical professionals, however, can those who want to learn more about the industry’s health (or just check the drug interactions) use the app too, it’s totally free with the presence of advertising.


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