10 best apps modify the video for Android

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Applications are video editing applications that need devices powerful and specific requirements to operate efficiently, the computers usually require a large area of RAM and storage space with a powerful processor, of course, either the odds of its presence on phones it might be difficult to a certain extent a lot of phones do not have specifications that make it move apps modify the video such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, however, can for some applications to do some basic stuff well enough. We collected for you a collection of the best of these programs.


  • Application ActionDirector

The application is considered ActionDirector of possible applications existing on the computer, and is now available on the Android platform, this application can do all the basics to deal with video clips, modification or hacking, with ability to add music clips or texts or to employ them in slow motion. It is one of the best existing applications to modify the video where it’s also called 4K technology in video, and the many updates from time to another.


  • The application Adobe Premiere Clip

Application is Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the most important applications relating to the amendment of the video, where it contains many more features including the feature to create videos automatically using your photos and videos. You can edit your video clips by using many instruments or effects. As the application provides you the possibility to add music to videos.


  • Application FilmoraGo

Application FilmoraGo from Wondershare, is one of the easiest and existing applications to edit videos, it gives you the basics such as story, training, video playback versa. As you can imagine, the video pattern (1:1) instead or (16:9) for YouTube, and also slow motion, adding music, installation, analysis, and other features.


  • App Funimate

Considers the application of the Funimate of the most well-known applications, but it is not considered a powerful application to modify one of the videos. He can do the same simple things that you can do it through your computer. Explains application of more than 15 influential movement evolving this is something that you might not want if you are creating a video clip for the business. It is a suitable application for the lost that they may wish to publish them on social networking sites only.


  • Application KineMaster

Depends KineMaster is one of the most powerful video apps available, which includes all the basics that any application to modify the video, has a time bar multi-syllables with support drag integrated from which you can released numerous audio and video files and move your finger. It is also equipped with options to modify powerful video tools to improve the quality of the video. Is an application very suitable for YouTube and you can use it free for a temporary period then subscription B 4,99 $ per month.


  • The application of Movie Maker Filmmaker

Application is Movie Maker, Filmmaker of the best apps modify the video free of existing at the present time, you can do several tasks such as story and rearrange the content of the video, as the app has a variety of video effects and you can design your own filters and also, in addition to the possibility of adding a music clip.


  • Application PowerDirector

Depends application PowerDirector of more applications overall. It comes with many features such as the Quick editing tools and effects different and other tools, in addition to the maker of the posters, support slow motion. As you think fact relatively easy to work on. The application comes free but there are some features of gas free.


  • Application Quik

Considers the application of the Quik of the latest apps modify the video, you can add the image and video and then start the app downloaded them all and set up a short video of them. Has Quik on about 12 the style of the video, and you can rearrange them and customize your video before it was released. This free app is fairly powerful but not as powerful as PowerDirector or Adobe Premiere Clip.


  • The application VivaVideo

Depends the application VivaVideo among the known applications, it works well with short video clips that we find on the networking sites. Where the application uses the style of comics, you can download clips and cut them and modify them. In addition to he includes about 200 influential movement advanced with the support of fast and slow motion. The application comes free with a watermark and limit time for each video, but you can remove all of this when you purchase a pro version.


  • Application VideoShow

Applying a VideoShow of the most well-known applications and funded to modify video clips. He says what he says by any application to modify the video more like a story and add music, you’ll also find some additional features such as the ability to add emoji, or add texts to video, and also provides a variety of video effects to make it more fun. Is an application very suitable for media such as Twitter, Facebook asset, but it is not strong enough video Avenue or process. Available free app with some extra features in the app for purchase.


The subject 10 best apps modify the video for Android appeared on Engadget.

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