10 best apps guide owners phones iPhone newly

You know the best application candidate to start hating phones and the iPhone, which offers the best support with some of the nurses that you may need with the application of the axiom to social media or YouTube.


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If you wish to get a better experience to send and receive your email, you can abandon the Gmail account or the e-mail application installed on your phone, where you can choose to experience in messaging via Outlook application from Microsoft, where the features of the app interface is clear and quick to use, with better support for most email applications.


Google Photos

Definitely have users phones iPhone service Apple paid to store images the Cloud iCloud, but you can also get the advantage of storing the photos via the Google Photos, which will allow you to store images only it will not be of the highest quality and the size is complete, but will give you the advantage of free storage on the service as an alternative to serving Apple paid, it will also support the user application in the classification of the images for faster searching also in the app.


The Google Maps application

Offering Apple application Apple Maps support users phones iPhone Maps, but Google Maps application support will be better with more information and cover lot of areas around the world.


The application of DARK SKY

One of the best applications of the candidate owners phones iPhone, where he works on predicting the weather in the location of the user in the next few minutes, with interface information in detail on the phone.



If you are looking for an application provides protection for you when you use a lot of passwords at various sites on the internet, you can select the application 1PASSWORD or LASTPASS, where you both applications in the protection of the password and repeat password already used in one of the sites, also supports the user in creating passwords stronger and hard to crack it.


The application of IA WRITER

This application supports the user in taking notes continuously, as it is promoting the application of iA Writer doing the fast, and also supports the user in synchronizing the notes to the PC from the Mac devices or computers other.


Application VENMO

One of the payment systems available to users of phones iPhone, which is available for free on the Apple App Store.


Application DELIVERIES

This app is available in the Apple App Store priced at $ 4.99, which is an application that allows user to follow up service delivery across different stores, to make sure time or the remaining for evaluation purposes which in the shipping orders of a specific hand, and also work the application of Deliveries to track orders shipping via code shipping.


The application POCKET

You can save your favorite content on the internet for reference at any time to read via the application of Pocket, where as free apps possible which allows you to free storage on the app.



The best calendar application available on the Apple App Store, which offers the performance characteristic for the calendar application of Apple, where user can through the application of Fantastical set alerts and notifications in the calendar of meetings and events is different, with the interface offering smooth, as it integrates with the accounts of the different user, where the app features a system of smart work to collect events and alerts to the user in one place.


I know of

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