10 apps paid for iPhone is available for free for a limited time

Every day are thrown hundreds, maybe thousands of apps and games in Apple’s App Store including free and paid, are available currently a number of apps for iPhone paid free for a limited time, here we present you 10 best of them.

iPlayTo – Media Cast

The application lets you play photos, videos and music from your iPad or iPhone to Smart TV’s.

Download iPlayTo – Media Cast – original price $2.99

Gif Maker Studio

Characteristic application to create animated GIF and share them on networking sites

Download Gif Maker Studio – original price $1.99

iKana touch

Characteristic application to learn the Japanese language, and focuses on learning through images and includes easy ways and more fun than traditional methods.

Download iKana touch– original price $3.99

Any Video Audio Converter

The application is very fast and easy to convert between video and audio formats different and supports a different formula.

Download Any Video Audio Converter – original price $2.99

Voice Record – Memos

Neat application and fun to record voice clips.

Download Voice Record – Memos – original price $3.99

Cardinal Land

A puzzle game simple, fun and help to relax, your task is to combine the image of the colorful animals of different cut shapes.

Download Cardinal Land – original price $1.99

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

Application special for professional photographers allowing them to see many of the details related to transactions.

Download EXIF Viewer by Fluntro – original price $2.99


The application allows you to use your finger to create colored paint, creating beautiful waves and enjoy the soothing music in the background.

Download Download Flows – original price $1.99

The File Converter

Upload your files to any format virtually! This app can convert documents, video clips, photos, e-books, images, spreadsheets, presentations and more to more than 60 formats are supported.

Download The File Converter – the original price of $4.99

Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds

This application lets you run sounds beautiful and quiet help to relax and sleep, has been recording sounds in a lot of beautiful places around the world.

Download Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds – original price $1.99

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