10 apps paid for iPhone for free now

The subject 10 apps paid for iPhone for free now appeared on Engadget.

Apps EVO paid but it’s free for a limited time, you know them now:

iPlayTo – Media Cast

Price: $ 2.99

You can play photos, videos and music through this app by the iPhone on your smart TV or your AV or a Sound Box or even on the personal computer through the DLNA technology.

To get iPlayTo – Media Cast

Gif Maker Studio

Price: $ 1.99

This app gives you the possibility to convert a number of photos and video clips into GIFs so you’ll be able to get the animated GIFs from your photos and videos from your phone with ease.

To get the Gif Maker Studio

iKana touch

Price: $ 3.99

This application offers the possibility to learn the Japanese language, and the most important what sets it apart is learning via audio as he needs ways the easiest and most enjoyable of the traditional methods.

For iKana touch

Any Video Audio Converter

Price: $ 2.99

This app features converts any video or picture in a manner easy, fast, supports many video formats download video clips to your mobile phone.

For Any Video Audio Converter

Voice Record – Memos

Price: $ 3.99

This app features being concise and multi-functional, easy operating, and record audio clips.

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Cardinal Land

Price: 1.99

A classic game is simple and fun you need to focus is to assemble the pieces to form the full picture.

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EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

Price: $ 2.99

It is a tool to view all the EXIF data for any image, with the possibility of a survey of geographical data GPS images, it also provides many more professional photographers in dealing with their photographic images.

To get EXIF Viewer by Fluntro


Price: $ 1.99

Allows you to use your finger to create a colorful paint and create beautiful waves in addition to enjoying the soothing music in the background.

To get Flows

The File Converter

Price: $ 4.99

Gives you a chance to convert your files to any formats, it can convert documents, images, videos, sounds, e-books, spreadsheets and presentations and up to 60 formats are supported.

To get The File Converter

Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds

Price: $ 1.99

Application distinct helps you relax and sleep through the run sounds beautiful and quiet, I have been recording these marvelous sounds in the different beautiful places around the world.

To get Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds


The subject 10 apps paid for iPhone for free now appeared on Engadget.

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