10 apps and games android is available for free for a limited time

Between now and then have a number of apps and games android store Google Play is free for a limited time, and in this article we collected for you several featured apps included in this offer, knowing that some of these deals may be available in the States without the other.

1) QR Code Reader PRO

The different formulas for the QR, such as ISBN وEAN UPC’s suite and more, to take you to the website associated with it.

Original price SAR 15: download the app


Says service broadcast high-quality for famous soap operas and movies, without the need for monthly subscription and is completely free of ads.

Original price SAR 34: download the app

3) App lock & gallery vault

One of the best apps of privacy did not provide protection password or draw the pattern for each of your apps, photos, messages, email and even settings, as well as hide pictures and videos from the studio.

Original price 82 yr: download the app

4) Ringtone Maker Pro

Helps you edit and create ringtones different, and can be done by the use of the tunes on your phone if you want; using tools such as story or paste more than one file music with, as well as a tool to reverse playback. It also works as a tool for recording audio, or playing music, where he makes it to the kinds.

Original price SAR 15: download the app

5) Gizmoot for KODI

Turns your phone or tablet to the controller in the music, movies, and radio operator KODI famous.

The original price of 7.5 yr: download the app

6) CashKnight

Combat game enjoy the graphics and carton of all, you develop skills and become the horseman Your and choose a unique animal to fight by your side, and you can battle against diverse others.

The original price of 37 SAR: download the game

Into the Void (7

Become the Earth’s climate is contaminated doesn’t need to live, when he went to the survivors to search for life in other galaxies where they are forced to fight battles with other races, will outperform the human race? This depends on you.

Original price SAR 15: download the game

8) New Math Puzzles for Geniuses 2018

The mysteries of the mathematical level increases gradually, by which to develop your analytical skills, logical thinking and memory, thinking outside the box and sports.

Original price SAR 15: download the game

9) Quik: Gravity Flip Platformer

Adventure game, of games run without end, but it was against gravity.

The original price of 5.6 yr: download the game

10) Dividing Fractions Math Game

The game combines the issues of division appropriate for those under 12 years and starch.

The original price of 9.3 yr: download the game

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