10 add-ons to the Chrome Task experience with the use of comfortable

Features Google Chrome where plugins large which adds to the browser many of the posts, here’s a sample, selected to provide experience convenient use:

Save to Google Drive

The name explains the function of the addendum, where they are called to save the content of a web page account Google Drive to return to it later, it be images or videos or audio files.

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Sortd for Gmail

Allows to create lists to sort messages Gimli as a means to enhance productivity and facilitate the reply to every e-mail is important.

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Helps in tracking the movement of the price of the product on Amazon and allows access to the discount coupons available.

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Download Manager

Cleans the list of conversions so that they can be accessed from the Add button directly search for any content that you have downloaded and open it.

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HTTPS Everywhere

Data exchange with web sites knows its power unless you are using protocol HTTPS encryption, Here Comes the role of this addendum that transforms the insecure HTTP to HTTPS.

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I don’t care about cookies

After the European Union imposed on websites and Web Services asking the user for data cookies, which logs the user’s activities on the site to customize the experience, we when you visit our sites we see websites for the permission pop-up window may be annoying, if you want to get rid of the window annoying and don’t mind granting permission to access data cookies for any site asks you can use of the addendum.

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Dalton colorblindness

Incidence of color blindness may live to see the Web page as it should, so make the addendum feature air conditioning, a Colors web page with three types of color blindness can choose between any of them once you click on the addendum.

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The addendum to the site of the famous specialist in the test internet connection speed, including download speed and.

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The Great Suspender

Tempting to browse the tabs at the same time, but it adversely affects the speed of the bus, but can reduce this effect of this addendum that you modify the page that changed about her visit to a certain length, so when you return to it you can update it to bring it back.

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It is added to correct errors of language and grammar when writing a post or a message in English.

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