“WhatsApp” will be your data of all its users with Facebook

واتس آب

واتس آب

Assured the organizers of the application “WhatsApp” WhatsApp to the option to prevent app from sharing user data with Facebook going back, this according to Olivia Solon press in the Guardian.

Disappeared option when Solon, after communicating with the “watts August” officials confirmed that this option will disappear and all data will go to develop Facebook, user name, and phone number, so you might say the social network linking Facebook accounts with the accounts of “WhatsApp” in an attempt to provide a consolidated account in one way or another.

The police did not check yet for the reason that on this, they are in 2016 began to share data with the option to disable this command and the common interest of privacy, regularly bodies, rights groups and some government agencies that will negotiate on this large percentage.

The “watts August” will be your data of all its users with Facebook appeared first on the tech world.

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