“VastStick”.. a flash drive with a storage capacity of 4 TB

No different size and shape of the flash data storage “fast steak” VastStick from the other, but they allow the storage of data size of 4 TB (4 thousand GB), the equivalent of 1500 movie high resolution HD 800 thousand song, to deserve that title of the largest flash storage in terms of space in the world.

The presence of a large area of this size in the storage unit Single is an achievement saves time and money, by analogy, you have to buy 500 of flash storage almost a couple of years to get that same space, and if they thought taking advantage of the storage space on the cloud Storage, despite being an option to date, you have to pay for your subscription to the service and ensure the provision of suitable speed of the Internet to raise the profile of your owning enough time for that.

In addition, the “fast steak” VastStick built within it the possibility of communication across networks Wi-Fi WiFi communication wireless “wireless” Wireless with 20 other device, you can share your data and files with them, where it is equipped with a battery of 1200 mAh enough for the flash to work as a wireless transmitter for 8 hours.

Successfully funding campaign “fast steak” VastStick in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding Indiegogo, and is available for sale at a starting price of $ 129 (2300 pounds almost).

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