“Suvie”.. Shiv intelligent in the service of the kitchen

By thinking in innovation crafted smart kitchen “Sophie” Suvie, Kevin ensure an engineer at Apple Apple, where in every moment with the latest what is produced by human minds from technology, with the participation of his Robin is not, the foundation site of the “review dot com” Review.com for reviews of food and restaurants, went out to His creation to the light after almost two years of research and experience.

Sophie Suvie integrated device can be called robot kitchen is a chef smart in the service of six eggs, a Can of his cooking and characterized by four varieties of food, from meat, starches, vegetables, and sauce, in a time, is the cooling system and cooked is divided into four houses, size of Practice The size of your Microwave.

Besides the possibility of preparing the components of your own food to save them and cook them inside the “Sophie” Suvie, the company offers the organization the possibility of providing packages of meat, vegetables, pasta the and sauce for you and delivered to your door, to become required you to put it inside the “Sophie” Suvie, each in its place, the formation of the device from outside the home via one click on the app, to start on the preparation of the food to be ready when you arrive home.

The “Sophie” Suvie to the internet via Wi-Fi network WiFi, Vespa run out of the house via its own app, which will cook good meat, cook up the noodles and filter their water, cook vegetables with steam, to become ready for Evaluation, besides it is easy to clean too.

Successfully campaign financing “Sophie” Suvie in raising the necessary funding to produce it, on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter, it is estimated that up to his supporters by November of this year with prices starting from 479 dollars (8500 pounds almost).

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