“Sonos” make fun of apple on the day of its launch for its smart HomePod

Welcomed to the company “sonos” Sonos prevention of rival Apple Apple on her way in the day of the launch to hear of the recent smart in waiting “good” HomePod, yesterday Friday, 9 February, that mocked them strongly.

While celebrating Apple’s issue to hear their “smart home” HomePod, which is waiting for many since the postponement of its launch last December, wrote the official account of the company “sonos” Sonos on Twitter, saying: “good luck for”Apple” with the launch of its”home”. We made you a playlist of songs”, a list that you will see your titles by assistant Apple smartphone “Siri” Siri, when asked to run on the heavens, which contain all the words that resemble the vocabulary of the modern and the command to “Siri”.

The list includes the songs: Hello / Apple / Something About Us / Together / Feels Right / Even Though / you’re Crazy / For This / Home / POD / Remember / Two Is Better Than One / Just Playing (Dreams) / It’s A Party / Everybody’s Coming To My House / Even You / Come As You Are / Fruit Machine / No Matter What you’re Told / we’re Going To Be Friends / Over Everything, besides that the “sonos” put the list of songs on Spotify Spotify, which means that you can’t run on “hope” only if you run application “Spotify” on your iPhone or iPad or headphones AirPlay, which raises bad memories I have of Apple.

Recall that the company “sonos” Sonos headphones smart markets, bearing the name of “sonos and I” Sonos One, and is working with the assistant Amazon’s smartphone “the same way” Alexa, the price of its $ 199, a price a lot less than the price headphones “good” from Apple, which sold 350 dollars.

You know on the release date to hear Apple’s smart HomePod and price

“Apple” defer the issue to hear their smart HomePod

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