“Prufen”.. Charging Cable smart factors of safety to protect your phone

Is “brough” Prufen first Charging Cable smart in the world that has a digital screen display of temperature and voltage and intensity of electric current during charging phones and tablets, in order to act immediately to protect your devices in the case of the back garden no problem.

Effectively screen digital micro cable “brough” Prufen you will follow the temperature of both the phone and charger, and will thus separates the charger itself for monitoring a rise in temperature or imbalance in the electrical current may damage in normal conditions of your.

The cable needs “proof” Prufen also on Toyota can be set to stop the charging operation and to connect the power for the phone itself after a certain period, starting from 2 up to 10 hours, which is very suitable to prevent, reduce sleep and leave the phone in the charger all night.

Successfully campaign financing cable “brough” Prufen, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, in the collection of the necessary funding, is now available for sale at a price of $ 20 (360 pounds).

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