“Itida” and”connection” emphasized their strategic partnership to promote the growth of the telecommunications sector

Confirmed information technology industry development agency itida Itida and the connection of their strategic partnership during their meeting on the review of community strategy by authority in the presence of Ms. Asma hosny, chief executive and Dr. hossam Osman Mr. Ahmed el sobky, the Vice-President of the Executive Board, and Dr. hazem el tahawy, Chairman of eitesal and Dr. Mohamed severe, Executive Director of the Association.

The meeting agenda included a discussion of the community strategy and programmes that will be implemented in cooperation with the Commission in the period from 2018 to 2020 presentation work in support of the activities of financial stability for the long term, diversification of funding sources, in addition to review what has been accomplished during the year 2017.

According to a press release, confirmed the names of Hosni, on the importance of concerted efforts and integration of roles between the Board and the Association and to achieve the maximum benefit from programs related to the development of the sector according to the objectives the strategy of the Ministry of communications and information technology, in addition to the focus on creating initiatives that embrace innovative ideas, pointing to the need to coordinate efforts and increase investment in the rehabilitation of the cadres of the technology and stand on the readiness of the field and the skills Bank to fill the need and meet the excess demand from both local companies and government sector or international companies operating in Egypt.

The Hosni that the body is seeking through the Association connection and various civil society organizations to transfer limited global technological trends for the local market and on top of technologies of artificial intelligence AI applications of the Internet of things IOT and smart cities with the aim of supporting the state strategy towards digital transformation, praising the existing partnership between the authority and the assembly and stages of cooperation between their advanced stages.

For his part, Dr. hazem el tahawy, to the effectiveness of the Group’s strategy and consistent with the Authority’s vision and strategy of the Ministry of communications and information technology to develop and grow the sector.

He explained that the assembly focused on serving member companies and contributes to the achievement of their development goals through programs tailored to those goals, including programmes to provide professional consulting, administrative, technical, and capacity-building for startups and SMEs to become attractive to investors with a focus on business management skills. He added that the Group’s strategy is the geographic diversity of the available towards the containment of the startups in the regions and expand the membership base.

The programme of support to civil society organizations authority in the framework of the policy of the Ministry of communications and Information Technology aimed at the support of community entities working in this field to become a strong partner in opening new horizons for companies operating in the sector, raising the competitiveness of Egyptian products and to increase the rate of Export for Egyptian companies, and to help create markets and new opportunities both domestically and internationally, and the domestic demand for Egyptian products.

It was also during the meeting discussed the importance of strengthening the cooperation and coordination of programmes of the Association connection with the programs and services offered by the center for the adoption and assessment of Software Engineering “SECC” authority.

Said connection during the meeting introduced the possibility of exploitation of the area of technology in Beni suef and contribute to a number of activities related to the industry of electronics, especially with the availability of a number of global companies operating within the province which supports the development efforts of sensitizing the electronics industry level.

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