“HUDWAY Glass”..! – ‘ cause your eyes p road

Referring to official statistics that there are nearly 600 million people drive their cars daily on the roads in the world, and 75% of them intend to use their mobile phones while driving, what between looking at them furtively total messages and calls woman Google maps, may require it at the moment to an accident claims the lives of many.

With accessories simple glass be installed in your smart phone, you’ll get the “hood my glass” HUDWAY Glass your phone to a screen where you can follow your vehicle speed and direction of your path and street names which you and gasoline without being distracted you from the road, it will reflect the glass screen of what he knew application of the “Navoi August” Navmii App for those indicators, which comes attached with the glass screen.

The app also offers maps for offline reference, can be used universally without connecting to the internet, both on Android phones Android or iOS, and thus will depend fully for consideration to the indicators of your car or GPS maps on your phone.

Successfully campaign financing “the hood of my glass” HUDWAY Glass in the collection of the necessary funding, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, and is available for purchase through the website priced at only $ 49 (900 Egyptian pounds approximately).

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