“Copacabana”.. selfie camera plane the potential of the amazing

Many are the features of the camera imaging plane “beta” of the city, both the design features of its or its possibilities of action, they are a camera in the form of a ball as much as the size of the hand grip, can be easily converted to drones, “unmanned aircraft” to be flying in the air to capture pictures of the featured high-resolution 4K.

Freedom of the creators of camera “beta” of the city to provide more than one way to install the camera to be used in more ways than one, it can be installed on the selfie stick. or use it as a security camera to monitor your home or office, or installed on a bike or a car dashboard to use as a video camera excited or controlled via smartphone for aerial photography like the drones, or flying freely in the air by a distance determined by the user thanks to the GPS feature built-in GPS.

As a keen innovative it to provide more of a position to, either panoramic imaging or slow motion or burst shooting, a desire to provide the best experience to export the video to the user, along with being light weight (200 grams approx) and easily carried in a hand bag or bags trips.

To provide enough space to accommodate video, high resolution images, to come Camera the “beta” of the city with an indoor space of 32 and 64 GB, which can fly for 15 minutes at a time, as that card its good and fast shipping.

Successfully campaign financing “beta” of the city in the collection of the target amount is not, on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter Kickstarter, it is estimated that up to supporting it by May of this year at a starting price of 289 $ (5 thousand pounds).

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