“Amazon” reveals the 20-city candidate to host the headquarters of its

Revealed the company “Amazon” Amazon American giant, working in the field of online selling, from 20 cities compete to host the headquarters of the eighth in North America, which it deems “Amazon” promising and worthy that among the 238 city already made.

According to the announcement, “Amazon”, the twentieth city are Atlanta (Georgia State) and Austin (Texas) Boston (Massachusetts) Chicago (Illinois) and Columbus (Ohio) Dallas (Texas) Denver (Colorado), Indianapolis (Indiana) and Los Angeles (California) Miami (Florida) and county of Montgomery (Maryland), Nashville (TN) Newark (New Jersey), New York City (New York City), Virginia North (Virginia) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Peter (Pennsylvania) Raleigh (North Carolina), Toronto (Ontario, Canada) And Washington, DC.

Reported Amazon to its final decision, choosing one of these cities to host the headquarters will be settled before the end of the year, and it will be based in fact and not just in the office, and they will have an investment estimated at $ 5 billion, which provides 50 thousand of jobs, high pay, thus the final list of All-American, except for the city of Toronto, Canada, in the exclusion of Mexican cities that submitted to Amazon.

It is worth mentioning that the headquarters of Amazon, the President Hotel is located in the city of Seattle in Washington State, USA, the company includes more than 540 thousand employees in the world, the company was founded in 1994 by Jeff bezos.

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