Huawei announces dead MacBook 13 inch

During a special event to Hoi An with day in China, the company detects the laptop dead MacBook 13 inch laptop New.

Compared to the dead MacBook X Pro, comes Dead MacBook 13.3-inch thoroughly 2160×1440 pixels with the parties to the side very thin and the brightness level of 300 lumens with a high color accuracy, while the weight 1.28 kg fish total reported 14.9 mm, to be smaller and lighter by 6% from the laptop arena, with available in gray, silver and gold syphilis.

HUawei 13-inch Matebook NFC

Supports dead MacBook 13 inch NFC stands hand right, where this feature allows you to transfer files to and from smart phones at speeds of 30 Meg gained/SEC, in addition to having reader fingerprint built-right-operating.

Comes Dead MacBook 13-inch by two download two Intel processors, where the first processor Core i5-8260U with processor graphics UHD620 built-in, while the women come up with a processor Core i5-8560U card graphics NVIDIA MX150 separate, with 8 gigabytes RAM 256 gigabytes of internal memory to both of them, add the battery 42 Watts and Shark Fin Fan 2.0 propellers dual high cooling, with the presence of two USB-C and a 3.5 mm stereo headset.

Huawei 13-inch Matebook fingerprint scanner

This despite the lack of confirmation of Huawei’s price dead book 13, but it is expected to be cheaper than dead MacBook Pro X which was Starts at 7,988 yuan renminbi (4,330 SAR), immediately put the laptop on sale in December.

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