Phones Apple TV of the future may be able to figure out annoying calls


One of the features that were advertised along with phones Google Pixel 3 is a feature that allows users to better identify spam calls and spam. This is a feature that idea a lot, some even pointed out that it should be on the Apple approved definitely in the future versions of iPhones and iOS system.

The good news is that Apple has dealt with this idea in the past, at least according to the patent invention have been discovered recently indicate that I have Apple TV some ideas about how to deal with nuisance calls. According to patent these, they describe a system that can detect the disturbing figures, which means they will be able to figure out the calls that try to use other numbers to avoid the pads of the filter common use.

It will be able to also find out whether you are passing the call through a redirect, which means that the caller may be trying to hide the place from which really, this is the way it is conducted a lot of unwanted calls and annoying these days. However, it has provided Apple’s many patents in the past, but did not apply them all on the ground.

However, as we have said previously, the fact is clear that I got the advantage of the Prohibition of annoying calls in the phones Google Pixel 3 of the new, the intense confrontation between Apple and governments in China and India about how to deal with messages and unwanted calls, we wouldn’t be surprised in case if Apple included such a feature in the iOS version of the future.


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