Do you compete with the Samsung foldable phone FlexPai it?

This thread is rivaling the Samsung folding phone FlexPai it? Appeared on Engadget.

Samsung continues to occur during the next period to launch a phone of its folding design compete FlexPai, in particular after the detection of the first model of the phone which is still definitely in the development stage.


It took Samsung a lot of time to reveal its first model phones folding and officially launched next year, which comes with Infinity Flex.

Has Samsung unveiled the first prototype for issuance folding of smart phones, which features a flexible OLED screen, with an external monitor in the lid the size 4.58 inch up to 7.3 inch when you open the cover the screen, where Samsung confirmed that the phone supports conquest and folds thousands of times.

Also switched the Samsung is the glass in the phone screen design with a polymer which supports the flexible design of the company, which features paintings of the polymer design and the thinnest 45%, also scheduled to begin mass production in the coming months.

Besides the hardware supports phone Samsung folding new software is also compatible with the design of the phone rollaway, where Samsung is working together with Google to develop a version of Andre allotted for this category of phones.

Also Samsung offers a new version of the user interface One to her phone, rollaway, which supports the view 3 windows for applications on the screen at the same time when you open the cover the screen.


Samsung has demonstrated also the display quality in the screen of the phone, where the screen size 4.58 inch with the quality of the display 840 in 1960 pixels and screen size 7.3 inches with sharp display 1536 in 2152 pixels.

Recall that the Samsung did not specify the name for its folding or design specification clearly, however, the company did not retract her statements in put this version over the next year.


This thread is rivaling the Samsung folding phone FlexPai it? Appeared on Engadget.

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