Did you actually tell Apple to slow down your device, and how to avoid this?

We all know accident, delay devices iPhone in 2017, and then all hell broke loose. even justified the Apple TV to do it as you want to maintain the performance of the phone is moderate and is not affected by the report of the work at the level of the device as a whole, particularly the level of the battery. We recalled the time that the delay will be all Apple devices current and upcoming. It is to accept it and found that it’s a good idea so as not to device for work at any time, including found that this topic is pure slander of Apple’s greed for the money. Whether you are for or against it is Apple has made the implementation of what has become a reality and Apple says “I know the fate of your phone you”! To calm down angry then Apple reduce the cost of replacing the battery and launch the new feature works to cancel the delay iPhone.

And to notice the uproar and anger than did Apple, but we were surprised in the last few days that Apple announced it had annexed devices iPhone X,-iPhone 8 also to a series of devices that will be less performance if I say the efficiency of the battery, which aroused the anger of the owners of those phones special it’s relatively recent.

But preach you if you’re still angry and want to control the performance of your device and you don’t want to slow down? In our report that we will how do you prevent Apple from slowing down your phone and leave it running at full power, but rests on your shoulders responsibility.

Before anything

Don’t worry, Apple won’t reduce the performance of your device without your knowledge, but will send you a notice telling you that the battery is no longer able to send enough power to your device will be activated competency management which works to slow down the device if necessary.

No need to worry

Apple this procedure try to keep your device stable, no restarts or crashes, and in addition to that I left you several options to bypass this procedure.


The first option

First, won’t do that trick unless you know your phone to stop operating due to the battery. This usually happens to people with a phones iPhone a long time. Sometimes it happens turn off and the battery is between 80% to 10%.

Go into the Settings – then the battery

Then the health of the battery

Then press is not enabled at the bottom of the text

What if this option does not exist?

If you don’t see this option, it means that your phone is working at maximum performance. And become the property of the deactivation is only available for iPhone, which related to stop operating due to the battery.

The other option

Get a new battery. And change the new battery back the performance of the device to its normal state, performance and maximum. And changing the battery is the perfect choice even you can overcome the factors that make your computer sluggish over time, and the changing of the battery may add a fresh lease of life docking-iPhone extends to months maybe years depending on your use.

Has now become is not surprising that the use of Apple in reduced performance of the devices iPhone, to maintain, important that there is transparency and clarity can be checked that property, and you’re able to learn the Apple transparent with the problem since the beginning, and we hope in the future to learn the Apple lesson and theater users with problems and solutions.

What do you think about reducing the performance of docking-iPhone when you damage the battery? And are you convinced that it is in the interest of the user? Tell us in the comments.



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