Do you agree with the phones expected to collapse or are we talking big?

According to many analysts, representing the smart phones medium possibilities one-third of the smartphone market in the world these phones compared to the iDevice iPhone XS or Google Pixel 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Huawei P20 Pro will sell those phones available significantly poor comparison is unfair. But at the same time this category of indispensable have a lot of people because not every phone will cost you $ 1000 worth of the economy. Making there is a conflict in views some are of the view that this category will end the others see is the future and the danger that threatens the upper class and adults.

هل تواجه الهواتف المتوسطة الانهيار أم تتحدى الكبار؟

Look phones available like Nokia phone Nokia 7.1 at a price of $ 350 or Shawty Boca F1 priced at$ 300 poor compared with the top category modern of which have been mentioned high, but these phones are expected to serve a large number of people as they are at least goals the tasks that prepared her and acceptable. The most important of these goals is to bridge the gap between the upper hardware with high performance and high potential, and the same low level that contain the basic specifications. Granted the hardware available most people what they actually needed from a mobile device smart at a reasonable cost significantly.

Since the hardware medium potential represents almost a third of phone sales worldwide, according to IHS Markit, which is one of the main sources in the world for research and analysis and strategic guidance in the technology, media and Telecommunications, I thought that the prices of phones available and the possibilities that their price ranges between$ 150 to$ 399 for some, it’s unfair to consider one category but two categories; medium-200-400 medium I have 400-600$. It is worth mentioning that this category offers strong performance and reliable in the countries of the developing world and countries such as China, which is the best option for states that increasing prices or tax or tariff associated with.

In mature markets or wealthy as the United States of America or Japan, this category constituted 10% of sales of smart phones or slightly less, according to IHS Markit. Despite the high purchasing power there and the ease of “installment of” top phones but still there is a great advantage to this slide is that they perform the role required, and, above all, if you lose your phone it is very easy to get other of the same category reasonable price. Thus is a good choice for those persons, concerning their phones to the risk of breakage and damage.

Why not collapse the phones available because of the leading?

Phones expected to come strongly with the technical specifications barely notice the phones with high specification. We know that everyone loves the flagship phones of the top categories and Yemeni himself owning one, but not everyone can afford to purchase them. Find who is focused on social networking sites and it means phone features Rocket, as well as find a Who cares game of the regular games that do not need high potential. And find out who is interested in surfing the internet, YouTube and this also doesn’t need those devices associated with possibilities. May find all of these guinea their devices at a very cheap price of up to $ 200 and enjoy the structure of aluminum and equipped with dual sensor fingerprint fast and great HD and screwing with a large area. We believe that this does the trick perfectly for such categories of people.

Take the example of the phone Shawty Boca F1 new which was adopted by the platform AnTuTu the famous Fair 10 fastest Android phone world but the performance of the processor by the difference of all Samsung phones, Sony and HTC Huawei. And everyone actually, including Note 9. The phone comes with a storage capacity of 64 GB minimum and 6 GB memory camera strong bilateral. At the same time its price is 300$ only a third of the price of the Note 9. (Of course, note the best, but imagine it’s a third of the price)

Given the phones a little higher, like phone OnePlus 6T expected to launch at the end of the month of October which will be $ 550 and will include this device on the high potential of the Snapdragon 845 like most phones the top category currently, and also contains dual camera taking pictures excellent will undoubtedly be of the best 10 phones in photography (currently the previous generation and 6 Plus worn 10 actually). And the site AnTuTu is considered the third fastest Android phone, but which is the fastest actually because of the previous phones, especially a specific task, and they Mi Black Shark and ROG Phone. Any get one of the best phones in the world at the price of 550$, so why think about paying$ 1000 in Huawei or Samsung? And by the way, will be featuring the fingerprint built-in screen.

Might be a water law for the upper is photography, of course, excels in this area is clear; but there are ways to help such as the use of apps to modify and edit images perhaps the most famous of these applications VSCO like. So think of your purchase for average price and not the possibilities, and saving some money needs personal necessary or at least buy a necessary accessory like a Bluetooth headset or a protective cover or extra batteries and other accessories.

Left us know what you think in all honesty, why offer to buy the telephone, major? Do you have a phone the average potential great? Tell us in the comments.



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