This feature will we see in the Galaxy S10 next!!

Samsung made the first time the technique of fingerprint scanners and eye in the Galaxy Note 7, and adopted the Korean company on this technology as a means of securing special are hard to penetrate in its phones leading the next, where they rely on the registration of the fingerprint the user’s eye and then used to unlock the phone by simply looking into the camera.

And now as we approach the launch of the flagship Galaxy S10 early 2019, the reports about the removal technique of fingerprint scanner is the eye of the Galaxy S10 more frequently than ever.

Where quoted Korean media quoted informed sources that Samsung will abandon the technique of fingerprint scanners and eye will depend on the fingerprint scanner “fingerprint sensor built-in screen” as the primary means to protect the lock Galaxy S10 .

Were the rumors about the removal of the scanner iris of the eye has begun to emerge earlier this year, now confirmed by two different sources from within the Korean industry, by removing this feature, Samsung is able to make the edges of the phone thinner, or maybe a sharing of 3D Face-scanning, which has become the preferred choice for makers of smart phones recently.

Includes correspondents in the ETNews that the fingerprint scanner under-dispaly that will be inserted in the end to phones Samsung smartphone with the Galaxy S10, will differ from the sensor Synaptics visual user by vivo and Oppo, the Samsung will depend on the sensor of the ultrasound, which was developed by Qualcomm more accurately.

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