Phone Razer Phone 2.. the advantages of entering the competition with phones games

When launched the phone Razer Phone last year, it wasn’t just about what he offered. This phone has significantly helped to promote a number of large companies that invest in the version of phones dedicated to gaming, among them the Shawnee, which recently made telephone Black Shark and Huawei made phone Honor Play ASUS made phone Rog Phone relative to the name of the series of computers, Rog famous.

In this article we learn about advantages of the new phone from Razer called Razer Phone 2, which makes it in the introduction to the appropriate phones games after unveiled hours ago at an event dedicated company specialized in the design of the products players.

The phone is resistant to water and soil for the first time

One of the new features offered by the phone Razer Phone 2 is the advantage of water resistance and a feature not supported by phone first. And the fact that its a phone dedicated to games so we can expect the use of heavy and everywhere, which makes this feature is welcome in a phone.

Feature the refresh rate higher back again

Support phone Razer Phone feature a refresh rate of 120 hertz for the company which offers the gaming experience especially with games that need the speed great as the shooting. This feature is not ignored and returned again to its new smartphone Razr. The only phone which held the phone in this feature is the Rog Phone that comes with a refresh rate of 90 hertz.

Large battery with wireless charging

Offers you phone Razer Phone 2 battery big size of 4000 mah to suit being a phone dedicated to games that eat battery very rapidly. An asset offered for the first time, the phone comes with wireless charging phones big decision of the major companies manufacturing smart phones with wireless charging support annotations Qi Charge to ensure not waiting for you much.

Recommendation 4K at 60 frames per second

Apple phones last year alone with this feature provided by a number of phones since then the phone Razer Phone 2 join the phones that you will be able to shoot videos in high resolution and at a rate high frame ensures freedom to cruise through the video.

Attention to the camera this time

One of the most important problems Razer Phone the first is its attention to games and neglect for a number of other things, which among them was the camera that did not provide any new. While not disclosed specifically what the camera of the new phone to their specifications indicate the camera is significantly better compared to the phone first with a number of new features we also.

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