Samsung phone rollaway finally appeared to the public!

Finally after a long wait Samsung unveiled partially on her phone, folding in the events of the first day of the conference Samsung for developers SDM 2018, to show in front of the public phone featuring a screen size of tablet can be folded in half and put it in the pocket.

Technical ones that we see in the video the company launched the Korean name of the Infinity Flex Display, as the beginning of a new type and a turning point in the future of smart phones.

In spite of the phone display to the public today, but it hasn’t been released officially, and Samsung to hide the features of the phone cover External with reduced lighting on the stage during the show so as not to unfold the details of the design.

Samsung phone rollaway comes with a display measuring 7.3 inches as indicated leaks, it is folded inside to show a third screen external small.

Infinity screen Flex and One UI for Galaxy rollaway

Also, the new phone can run up to 3 apps at one time with the interface, One UI the all-new and made specifically for phones with screens folding, where the interface allows for a new run up to 3 apps simultaneously on one screen, with the possibility to display two apps only on the big screen and the third port on the external screen is small.

Work new interface to transition seamlessly from the screen the smallest to the largest through the process of opening the phone, at a high speed without any problem, allowing to provide a new type of smartphone experience, allowing users to perform functions not available to them before.

Supposed to be off the phone rollaway by segments of the next generation 7nm Samsung internationally or through the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC 7nm new in the United States, will depend on a special version of the Android operating system developed by Samsung and Google specifically for phones collapsible.

Launch date:

Company Samsung it’s ready to start mass production of the screen of the Infinity Flex in a matter of months from now, but did not specify the Korean company a clear date to launch the phone officially.

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