Samsung phone rollaway users will be able to extend it to morph into a tablet

Samsung Galaxy Foldable 3

For years we’ve been hearing about the plan of Samsung to launch smartphone foldable, and last month confirmed to us the South Korean company that we will be able to learn more about this phone later this year. Now according to a new report released from the site CNET, has been revealing some details about this phone.

This information comes from an interview was published with Mr. DJ Koh, who is chief executive of the Department of portable devices in the company, which is the interview where he confirmed what he thinks about most people is that this phone can be folded and put it in the pocket, but when it is open it turns into a tablet device. Interestingly, it actually confirmed it with the knowledge that in September last year hinted that this device will be more than just a tablet.

According to DJ Koh, has stated by saying : ” When you offer a phone capable of folding, you should be very beneficial to our customers. If the user experience doesn’t live up to a certain level, I don’t want to offer this type of product “. Moreover, it is also emphasized that the concept of the phone rollaway won’t be a way to communicate to consumers and after a year of his appearance. On the other hand, explained that the company Samsung plans to launch smart phones folding at the global level.

However, it is believed Mr. DJ Koh that such a device can target specific audiences when it was launched, but he also expressed optimism that such a market can be expected in the future. At the moment, it is not clear when the phone will be launched, but many expect that to happen in the month of November next. And even then, it has made clear the other rumors about this phone is that it will have a screen size of 7.3 inches, and it will be more than 1800$.


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