IPhone XR – iPhones – battery oldest !

It is very important that when you buy a new phone knowing the battery life and how long she can hold out. Through recent releases of the iPhone we noticed a clear improvement in battery performance, especially with the iPhone XR, which was launched recently as it is believed now the owner of the battery the longest-lived of all the versions!

هاتف آيفون XR - الآيفون ذو البطارية الأطول عمراً !
IPhone XR – iPhones – battery oldest !

Phone working iPhone XR processor A12 such as the iPhone XS and XS Max however, less in power consumption for several reasons in the forefront of it works LCD allow her Apple Liquid Retina densities of pixels 326 pixels per inch represent the minimum required to get a quality display suitable without that this comes at the expense of the battery.

According to the official website of Apple, the iPhone battery XR can last up to 15 hours of web browsing, or 16 hours of video viewing, this is longer by about an hour and a half on average compared to the phone iPhone 8 Plus according to Apple.

Site PhoneArena phone iPhone XR under test the battery as it is running the JavaScript programming specific on the phone trying to actual use, the i phone battery to achieve a period of time amounted to 11 hours of continuous varying versions of the iPhone other this year as well as previous versions becoming the iPhone XR best iPhone hand battery.

iPhone XR - اختبار عمر البطارية
iPhone XR – battery life test

On the other side, remain the duration of the shipping of the worst things in the phones and the iPhone generally telephone iPhone XR is no exception where charging takes over 3 hours (192 minutes).

iPhone XR - اختبار سرعة الشحن
iPhone XR – selection of the shipping speed

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