Peripherals Razer will come from now on with two years of warranty


Given the extent of the cost of some gaming peripherals, we are sure that many feel bad when you learn to learn and be outside the warranty period, which means that the process of repair or replacement will be their additional funds. However, for those who buy the products of Razer, you’ll be pleased to tell them that the company Razer has updated its security policies.

In an article published by the CEO of the company, Mr. Min-Liang Tan on the network Facebook, has announced that the security policies of the new Razer means that some products you get a guarantee for two years. According to Mr. Min-Liang Tan, it is expected that this includes financial policies, headphones, keyboards, and audio note that these products you will get guarantee for two years all over the world.

Will apply this also to products that have been purchased as of October 1, 2018. According to Mr. Min-Liang Tan, has stated by saying : ” so excited to announce the challenge to our policies and warranty our own, thus starting from today you will get all the money policies, headphones, keyboards, worldwide guarantee for two years. This applies to all eligible products purchased as of October 1, 2018 “.

Note that in the case of existing products, may indicate the box or the user manual that the warranty is valid for one year only, but this is no longer true because as long as you bought a home after 1 October and you have proof of purchase, the warranty period will extend for up to two years.



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