Comparison of imaging between iPhone XR and Pixel 3

While there are manufacturers to adopt rear camera double and triple in the phones, still Google distinct camera one provide programming and artificial intelligence are legendary label of its organs, especially the Pixel 3 to provide strong results in night photography, various conditions.

Follow iPhone XR a similar approach, rather than relying on the dual camera, comes with mono with system includes the image signal processor ISP and nervous and the algorithm of the Apple advanced makes images camera is great.

Comes all of the pixels 3 and iPhone XR camera 12 maps a wide-angle girl f/1.8, so most of the differences of the images is due to software and processing.

For software and processing comes iPhones 2018 with Smart HDR that work to bring the details of highlights and shadows in different shooting modes, as characterized by a camera for iPhone XR the size of the pixels of the largest helps to improve night photography.

Comes Pixel 3 with HDR+, which uses machine learning to get the best result, and many of the nurses in the camera including Night Mode which seems to have no rivals so far, as well as the best image that captures pictures before and after clicking the Export button, and then proposes a better picture of the item steady and clear and his eye open or mouth smiling.

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Now Fenton you with the photo gallery which were taken by iPhone XR and Pixel 3 and some pictures in the night mode, but compared to the XS.

At night

The iPhone XS
Pixel 3
The iPhone XS
Pixel 3

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