An unpleasant surprise.. Apple stopped production of its latest handsets

مفاجأة غير سارة.. أبل توقف إنتاج أحدث هواتفها

An unpleasant surprise for the lovers of Apple, as well as those responsible for the production of cutting its phones, after the announcement of the company’s huge decision to stop the launch of the latest phones, the iPhone XR.

Apple stops iPhone XR

Site confirmed Nikkei Asian leadership of American corporation Apple specialized in electronics products and computer programs, inform the company of the Foxconn operation, specializing in the production cut to the phones, to halt plans relating to the issuance of phone iPhone new XR.

Also ordered the Apple company of Western Union, focusing on the urgent requests, and stop receiving any requests pertaining to iPhone XR, now that it was mentioned companies have set up dozens of production lines for the new phone, so what’s the reason for this sudden stop is?

The secret to stop

While rejecting the Apple, as well as Foxconn and Pegatron to comment on that unpleasant surprise, she noted some speculation that the mystery of the abrupt end to produce iPhone XR, before he sees the light, is the low turnout is not expected on applications for the purchase of the phone upon its release, especially compared to the different telephones released last year, what prompted Apple to make this decision, for fear of exposure of losses of material expensive.

Apple has announced for the first time on iPhone the XR, during the month of September last, providing all of the XS and XS Max, in addition to iPhone XR made of the land, the owner of the material cost at least changed, before you know it now stop its production.

Recall that the Apple had taken a similar decision before, since about 5 years, when they shut down the production of iPhone 5C, but after about a month of full on its release, when I found poor uptake of its new phone clear to everyone, so I decided not to continue in production, as it is doing now with the iPhone XR.

For its part, illustrates the location of the Nikkei inventory on the source of his own, that the Foxconn company had borrowed approximately 60 production line in XR, but now it didn’t completely stop the production of the new phone, but you are using about 45 production line only on the recommendation of the Apple, which referred to the lack of market need for the issuance of a large number in the current time of those phones.

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