Official Cortana is leaving Microsoft is the end of the year

مسؤول كورتانا سيغادر شركة مايكروسوفت نهاية العام

According to ZDNet , Javier store manager in charge of Microsoft’s voice ” Cortana” will leave the company end of the year, where he had joined the company in 2014 at the time you acquired the Microsoft application email Acompli, which was a partner in it.

Confirmed store the news of him leaving the company via tweet on his personal account in Twitter about taken decision; where he said that the four years he spent at Microsoft was full of experiences great and expressed how he felt humbled at being involved in building something that depends on you more than 100 million daily users, and between the extent of his thanks and gratitude to the people who work with them.

As pointed out earlier report to ZDNet that Microsoft is interested in Korea is the largest in the last period; the last month tell need assistant of the Department of research in artificial intelligence and in the devices section which means the work of the company to increase the extent of the inset in the production and support of its organs, as for the suite, it is not clear for the moment what the plans are for his future after his departure for Microsoft, but probably will just entrepreneurship, but with more experience and warehouse information mm.

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