Review of Bell Smart Ring Video Doorbell 2

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Think Bell Video Doorbell 2 is the second doorbell smart to buy the Ring, and has been designed to protect the product, it includes special cameras that can do recording automatically when oncoming visitors to your home, you can also use the sulfated sound and microphone with anyone in front of the door of your house. How this bell smartphone with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac through the application you can download it, and there is this bell at a price of 809 SAR.



The first thing you will notice with Bell Ring Video Doorbell 2 is its design; it is a device good-looking, and comes in three colors, silver, black and gray.

As to the size of the bell itself is fairly large, with a height of 5.05 inches and a width of 2.50 inches web thickness of 1.08 inches, so you’ll need to a large area some thing to install it.

Since the device is large in size, it includes a huge battery, which is a firm Ring that she will continue in work until 5 or 8 months. Can remove the battery to charge it already via microUSB.

Includes Bell, kickstand, so you can put it at an angle of 90 degrees, as added company Ring feature weather-resistant, rain and snow to the bell.


The preparation of this bell Smart is easy, you will need to download the app on Android or iOS, then you’ll need to create an account, then you will by following the instructions within the app to install the bell.

There are several options to install the device, you can connect it instead of your doorbell, or you can use it separately from your doorbell. Once you run it, you must connect the application Video Doorbell 2 to a smartphone application to connect to the home network.

Supports the Bell network 2.4 GHz 802.11 n, which is supposed to be fast enough to play video if you already have a strong signal.

Works bell with ease, so if someone clicks on a button or borrow from your door, you will get a notification on your phone, and will be issued a ringing sound will be a video call on your phone in the event a by clicking on the button. This is particularly useful if you are away from your home, where you can start a call with anyone on your doorstep.

There are some settings in the app that you may want to modify them, the Bell left track motion and starts recording video when detecting any movement. By default, the Bell says start shopping, even if anybody was heading to his house near from your house. But fortunately, you can change that in the app by simply heading to the section “my devices” and press the choice “animation settings”.

Needs Ring Video Doorbell 2 on the lens of 160 degrees, which will be able to capture anyone who comes in front of your front door clearly. Vita video recording accurately 15 fps, 1920 x 1080 pixels, which up to 720 pixels.

Using Video Doorbell 2, you’ll get a month’s free trial of the Plan video recording, which you save all the videos and alerts to the cloud, where it will be saved for 30 days. After the trial period expires, will the subscription cost of about qr 12 classic sar per device per month or 123 sar per annum. You can also buy the protection package to get you cameras Unlimited vs 39.50 Sr in a month or 395 Sr in the year. You can only run Video Doorbell 2 without a subscription, and in this case you will receive notifications, but will not be saved clips via the internet.


This topic review running Smart Ring Video Doorbell 2 appeared on Engadget.

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