The initiative “million programmed cart” registration opens at its free

Open initiative “million programmed cart” registration for the second season of its free training, which aims to provide Arab youth with basic skills that they will need in getting employment in the technical field in the future.

The training programme consists in the direct of the 4 tracks of training, the most requested in the area of work, namely: the development of websites and development of web pages data analysis and the development of Android apps.

According to the initiative, which is an initiative of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum world, it is Lata buy no prior experience in programming development, but just the experience of the primitive about how to deal with the computer and surfing the internet only, in addition to owning a PC and fixed Internet, where they will be given admissions to an account on the site “free” Udacity fly look through his videos and quizzes during the whole training.

The duration of the training path from 2 to 3 months, requires commitment from the student for approximately 10 hours weekly, and end of the study in each area to test for the granting of a certificate of completion track, and spectators cash prizes and tracks training more specialized.

You can register as a student in the initiative through this link, and in the case of owning your experience qualify you to work as a teacher or lecturer in the initiative, you can register here.

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