What are the devices that you can connect Pipe Pro new?

Come iPad Pro size 11 inch 12.9 inch with USB-C port instead of the port lightning usual, we will review with you today the highlights of the devices that can connect to it thanks to it.

Connection to external networks.

Can the iPad Pro contact directly with any screen supporting a USB-C with the possibility to broadcast high quality content from different applications with audio playback through headphones to an iPad Pro.

Charge other devices

Can USB-C port on the iPad Pro that charges other devices quickly have a capacity of 7.5 watts, through the adapter cable of USB-C to lightning or via a cable with two parties the same, means the possibility of charging iPhones and iPads, or even Apple Watch.

Import video and photos from other devices

Does not support iPad themselves flash the external, but it supports external storage drive and can import photos and videos from them, which works also with cameras through the use of cable which is compatible, in addition to support memory card reader SD.

Link consoles cable internet

Supports system iOS connection of a large number of devices because of its provision for the expenses necessary to do so, such as personal computer altogether, including keyboard same via an adapter USB-A to USB-C, as there is support for cable Internet Ethernet also in the case of lack of Wi-Fi, via a special adapter also.

Contact speakers and musical instruments

Can using the adapter USB-C to USB communication headsets speakers, microphones, and even to musical instruments to electrical.

Contact with various devices across multiple regions

Finally, thanks to the power of the connected USB-C port for data, can in fact connect several accessories at the same time with, where you can import images from the camera and displayed on the external screen, to be adjusted as desired and raise it later to any disk storage you have, without the need for any devices first, where this can be done via buying USB cable-C Multi-parties.

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